CBB leading candidate for Vols

Sources close to the program say CBB is heading to Knoxville.

While I think this is complete crazy talk, Tenn did contact Bielema before he took the Arkansas job but I believe he was already in negotiations with Long.

Even though his style of football may be a better fit at TN, doubt that there would be much support by their fans based on his lack of success at AR & in SEC play.

Besides TN knows better than to take Arkansas leftovers after Ole Miss did that with Houston Nutt.

CBB would be crazy to walk away from his buyout at Arkansas. We can only wish!

That would be AWESOME! I think it would give him a chance to restart with Fulmer as someone he could likely lean on like Alvarez. It gives us some money because they have to pay his buy out. But I’m betting it’s news that is too good to be true.

Smells like BS to me ! WPS

That’s a good rumor. I don’t believe it at all.

Hogbackers BS sniffer is on point.

Yeah so is gruden

Give me a break, that is insane. CBB will be back next year due to the inexperience, injuries, and the lack of COACHES…HIRE A SPECIAL TEAMS COACH ARKANSAS! We need a real DC and if Enos continues calling some of the garbage plays he has been calling, get rid of him too. The SEC is about big, ag/ile, mob/ile and host/ile linemen with speed.
Recruiting uncommon doesn’t get it done in this league.
Wisconsin 10-0. They have a system and recruit to that system. Chaney and Pittman made CBB, after they made Tennessee w/ Fulmer.

Prediction: MSU will beat Arkansas…but…Missouri will BEAT Arkansas.

I love the UofArkansas, but the football program is in disarray. I was behind the hiring of CBB, a great guy, but something has hit the fan since last year inside the locker room.

Could this be “Fake” news? Tenn would be nuts to pursue BB. He cannot recruit players with the speed and quickness that is necessary for the SEC. His recruits, however, could easily field a team that might finish in the top 4 in the Big 10. Just not a good fit for Tenn or Ark, or in the SEC anywhere for that matter.