CBB is an above average Coach, but....

#1 Coaching turnover is not a sign that people in the profession don’t like him. By nature, the coaching profession usually has turnover. I’m not saying definitively that he is well liked, but as a head coach you don’t necessarily need to be liked, you need to get the job done. He hasn’t done that to this point to the satisfaction of most fans.

#2 Yes, he needs to recruit Texas better, but I’d say he’s done well in Louisiana and this year picked off some players in Oklahoma, and has had a fairly good Florida pipeline. It doesn’t hurt to have players from the north as well (i.e., Frank Ragnow). And be careful who you call weak-minded. You might not realize how strong-minded and strong-willed many Bible-believers are. Compared to many of them, you probably would be considered weak-minded. I’d say you might want to stick with sports and leave the religion for another board.

#3 He does need to do better at getting speed, but from all the reports it appears he has done a better job doing just that in the last two classes. He’ll have an easier time getting better linebackers than he will getting SEC defensive linemen at least as far as numbers are concerned. Naturally, the proof is in the pudding. He still has to get the job done, Time will tell.

CBB has gotten OC to leave and I was proud to see Chaney go! He had Rod Smith to hit the road with his bend no break no pressure defense that I’m proud of also! Who cares who like you when you have a job to do. CBB takes care of his players and he shows respect to his assistants even while in fact sending them down the road. Recruiting will get better with wins. He has overachieved with the talent he has had. Every grip I’ve had or heard he is addressing. From speed on defense to length on defense. At the same time he stands his ground to do things the right way. Would you want Bucky from Florida that signs a kid that is committed to you visits Ohio State gets a drug charge the administration says you can’t him them you get to sign them anyway? Don’t sell your soul to devil in order to win. That only makes you a loser in the long run. Or would you want Jim Bo Fischer whom we’ll do anything to win at any cost? Not I !
CBB is much more than average. The SEC is not the Big ten but there were several times this last year some big boy football from the goal line would have been nice where we failed to punch the into the end zone.
You try to do a little recruiting yourself and you may see how difficult it really is. Texas is a must to get talent as far as that goes coast to coast !