Cant watch anymore...KU-NC

I think this falls into the category of crying over spilled milk but was watching some college Bball this afternoon and just had to turn it off. Monk already has 19 and there is still 8 mins left in the first half. :evil:

It is what it is. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs in a few weeks against us and how our boys deal with him.

Hogs will not fare well against Wildcats!!! They don’t have the talent as players or coaches to match KY.

By players you mean paid players. And by coaches you mean coaches willing to cheat any way they can.

We’ll see. You can’t just assume Kentucky will kill us.

Why do you call them boys? They’re men. Maybe that’s why they are referred to as the men’s basketball team.

It’s not meant as an offense, but they are still boys, even if they are considered young men by the state. It’s no offense to call them boys.

Malik finished with 47 points. Only one player ever scored more than 47 (it was 48) against North Carolina and that back in the 50’s or 60’s. As much as I hated to see him leave, we have to be realistic about this. It’s too easy to say they cheated or he cheated. The may very well have but he is going to leave town before any investigation gets off the ground. Let’s face it, it was a business decision made to get him in the NBA as fast as possible. Even with a bad to mediocre year at UK, Archie Goodwin was able to get drafted after one season.

While we are playing Texas on ESPNU with about 8 to 10K in the house, he and the Wildcats are playing North Carolina in a packed arena on the Las Vegas strip to a crowd of over 19K. With the NC game in the books, he just cinched his “one and done” status. Next year at this time, he is going to be gone. In the meantime, I hope our guys can go over there and rough him up. Cabot did it. He’s human too.

Had a buddy of mine, who is a huge Kentucky fan, ask me how it felt to see him perform well in a Kentucky uniform and not a Razorback uniform. I told him, that’s good for Monk, but don’t think he will always do this, he tends to choke in the big games where you need him most.

Malik Key looks very good