Can you believe it??????????

I cannot believe the staff is using these latest injuries along with the previous ones to justify the performance or lack of on the field. CBB even mentioned his wife brought up the long list of injuries. I hope the university and fans don’t buy this cover up. I know they have had some injuries but most teams do through out the year. You cannot use it to cover up the glaring problems the program has. JL, please don’t buy into this BS.

There are NO Excuses. Most adults realize this. Just hope Jeff Long doesn’t buy into it.

Can you believe it, yes, yes I can, we have had more injuries to top players since May than any team I know of this season and it has taken its toll. Having said that, there’s no excuse for poor tackling,dropping passes and mental breakdowns causing penalties that have been made by the remaining starters.The injuries no doubt contributed to our woes, but there’s plenty more issues to lay at the feet of coaches. At this point with continued poor play in the second half of games you have to start examining our conditioning program. WPS

Hogbacker, according to CBB it is not physical but mental!!! I think either or both go back to the HC, Mr. Tubbs.