Can we forfeit next week?

There’s no value to playing Bama in this condition. We will lose and lose badly and we will lose at least 1-2 starters for the season. We would be better off taking the forfeit and getting a week to prepare for Auburn.

Get rid of this loser and his entire staff. They have no business making millions of dollars off of us. I’m sure the General idiot will disagree, and he should be fired as well, KoolAid drinker of all time, total fool.

You mean I can think for myself and not make knee jerk reactions or just show up when things go bad like you? Honestly, it maybe time for Bielema to go, I don’t make that call though. Plus, he isn’t making money off “us” unless your a booster.


Perhaps some may make knee jerk reactions and have nothing positive to say, but the fact is that we have a deep enough resume of results from Coach B’s almost 5 year tenure at the helm of the program to be able to make reasonable assumptions as to the progress or lack of progress in terms of his ability to build a winning football program at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Personally, he’s probably a real good dude, the type of guy most of us would enjoy having some drinks and appetizers with while watching and talking football, but his job is to build a winning program and as he said when he took the job " I took this job because I want to compete with and against the best for championships."

I believe it’s time for Coach B to do some self evaluation and determine wether he believes he is actually capable of doing what he stated he came here to do.
I think if he is honest with himself he would come to find that he’s not the right guy for this job at this time and come to an amicable renegotiated buyout that both parties can live with.
I believe he has worked hard and tried to build the program, but as is with many things in life sometimes things just simply don’t workout the way we would like’ o matter how much blood, sweat and tears you may have put into it.

I’m warming up to the thought after how easily So Car handled the Razorbacks yesterday. But actually there would be some type litigation (lost revenue) if Arkansas did forfeit without a very good reason.

We can’t actually forfeit the game against Alabama although the outcome is most certainly a forgone conclusion at this point.
What can be done however, is the complete exposure of Coach Brett Bielema and his inability to build a competitive football program.
He was handed the keys to a pretty good car so to speak at Wisconsin, nothing he was responsible for building, he just had to keep the car between the lines and drive it into the ditch.
I just hope that none of our players get seriously injured in what will be a lopsided affair this weekend at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.
The Tide will beat us by as many points as Coach Saban will allow and honestly he doesn’t need to pump the brakes as he did during the first 2 meetings against Coach B when he called the scoring off at 50 - 0.

A total and completly humiliating beatdown might be exactly what this situation calls for in year 5 of the Brett Bielema tenure as HC of our Razorbacks.

The way you are looking at here, we should forfeit until Nov 4 when CBB will show you how good his team really is.

There is some very GOOD things happening right now with the Hogs.
Remember when Power-5 teams struggled to find another P-5 opponents? The Hogs do not have to worry about it.
Under the guidance of CBB… P-5 teams are lining up to schedule playing the Hogs.
Use it as a Marketing tool. Give them a bidding war… the price starting at $5 millions a game.

Aginst the Chickens this past week end the hogs practiced giving away turnovers for free points to time up for Bama. The only reason you get beat by a sorry xxx team is by laying down and giving up and that’s what Happened. One CJ fumbled the ball they should have just went back to the locker room and got dressed to load the bus and head to the airport. There is no fight or fire on this dam team and that includes coaches.
And if you knock on a door and someone opens it and hit you in the face why would you keep knocking? That’s what this play calling does. Stupid predictable crap!
The dumpster fire he took over has showed back up! He took 5 years to build a dumpster fire. A lot of the failures since coach B took over has been caused by his predictable play calling on offense and his sorry defensive philosophy ! On 3 and 5 soft coverage and a quick out for 10 yards.

He better find a newspaper and start going through the classified section and find a defensive coordinator or find a job him self.

Throw away that stat junk that he uses to call plays! He should have won 9 games 3 times in the past 4 years. Poor coaching has caused this failure. Toledo ! Just the first of many unacceptable losses!

I think it would be a great idea to forfeit next week. I doubt I will be able to watch it for very long.

When BB was hired, I believe we misunderstood his saying.
He said he was hired to beat Saban. He truly meant that he would beat Saban one-on-one , not the Hogs beat the Tide.