Can SEC get 10 in?

Bama is gonna beat AUB. That is supposed to lock them in, but what if GA and Mistake make the Finals and GA wins the SECT? Would both Mistake and GA get a bid? Would Bama still be safe?

I think Georgia could make it with a win today and tomorrow to make it 9 teams. But for Moo U Ben Holland put his team in a box with the non conference schedule they played! Moo U will have to win it all and get an automatic bid!

So, if GA vs Miss St is the SECCG, and Miss St wins, you think 10 will get in?

That’s the only chance their could be. Moo U won’t beat Tennessee today so it is a mute point. I do think that Georgia will bet Kentucky. And I also think Georgia will beat Alabama tomorrow.

The SEC may not have a team that ends up with a seed for the Dance higher than the 3 line! Now that real puzzling I think!
Look at Duke and North Carolina out of the ACC and Niva and Xavier out of the Big East all four of these teams will end up with 1 or 2 seeds for the Dance. The Tar Heels are the least deserving with a horrible loss. It will take a lot of extra effort by refs to help them get to the final 4!
The hogs will end up as a scobbie snack for either Duke or North Carolina in Charolette if the hogs get beat by Florida today!

Hmmm, I didn’t expect GA to win today. I actually thought Mistake had a better chance against TN, but it was just a question

Palm had us listed today as the 6 seed playing the winner of the playin between USCw and Louisville. I don’t like our matchup with either of those teams. If we win we’d get UNC (he has as a 3 seed).

Actually I think Gafford could dominate against UCLA or USC. I like a possible match up with those 2 team. I just don’t want to travel to See the hogs plays another ACC home game with us being screwed by them and the refs! I’m tired of it. I wish North Carolina would play a home and home against the hogs.

Palm also has us going to Wichita. I think we’d have somewhat of a homecourt advantage if we go there, particularly in the second round when we can scoop up tickets from first-round losers.

Bracket Matrix bumps us up to a 6 today. Nothing better than a 6 in 80 brackets, but nothing worse than an 8 either.

I have a feeling KY fans may give us a homecourt advantage tonight. I don’t think they want to play FL again

I think the only way we get 9 is for Moo U to win the tournament, since Jawja just lost.

Just 8! Moo U lost to Tennessee and Georgia ran out of gas with Matten struggling.

Well, at least we’re in. We get one game, maybe two. But we’ll never see the second weekend.