Calm Down

We beat Alcorn State and La Tech. If you don’t see improvement, you’re blind as a bat. We’ll get em next year.

You’re absolutely right! It was a dream that we just lost to a 3-8 team but I get what you’re saying.

We really beat them today. Just ran out of clock. We’ll get em next year.

Guys see the big picture. Coach CBB did not want the Tigers’ linebacker Eric Beisel feel bad so he decided to let them win THIS TIME… he also did not want his defense to feel so bad for been horridly playing while the offense was doing well so he stopped his offense from scoring in 2H, just to even out. Great coach… now back to the 2nd turkey, coach.

5 Easy Steps in beating Arkansas:

  1. Take your 2 fastest athletes and speed rush from the ends on every single play. Hog tackles won’t be able to keep up.
  2. Have one linebacker on a delay blitz every single play. Hog guards won’t touch them at least half the time. And Austin Allen can’t (or won’t) throw short over the middle so no problem with leaving that gap open in your defense.
  3. Throw over the top with regularity. Hog DBs have no speed, especially the safeties.
  4. Put 9 in the box, but with one side heavy, because Allen can’t (or won’t) call audibles away from your strength.
  5. Put one DB on each receiver when the Hogs are inside your 10-yard-line, then blitz everyone else as fast as they can get to the QB. You’ll be guaranteed a sack, interception, or, at most, a field goal.
    Run wide. Block the DEs to the inside and have your wideouts just sorta get in the way of everyone else. Hog DBs and LBs will run toward the ball carrier, yes, but will take themselves out of the play by avoiding any contact whatsoever.

WOW…I can just feel the pain out there. I feel it too. Yep, I think the DC should go as well as the secondary coach. Sarcasm can be entertaining at times,possibly now is a good time. I sure hope we win the bowl game where ever and when ever we find out the details. I think AA will be better next year and I speculate that although we lose Ragnow and Skipper the OL will probably play alittle better. The defense…well we will wait and see. HOGS YA’LL.

Our record since 1992, the year we entered the SEC:

Arkansas: 166-137-2. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Ole Miss: 160-140-0. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Miss State: 147-151-2. 4 seasons at 9 or better
Auburn: 207-100-2. 11 seasons at 9 or better

Data from

Hey Pinto… I think you just about nailed it. You covered my frustrations very well. You did a much better job than what I would have struggled to come up with. What is sad is that I do not believe you are trying to be funny or cute. :cry:

Arkansas has settled into its routine in the SEC. I’m afraid it will always be a 7 & 5 team that wins most of its non-conference games against teams such as Alcorn and La Tech and beats a couple of conference teams such as Old Miss & Miss State. I suppose I should be happy they aren’t the doormat for the conference but I think they could be much better if the defense had better coaching. I don’t expect them to consistently be a top 10 team but it’s sad to see them doomed to mediocrity.

So my question, as fans would it be better leaving the SEC for let’s say the Big 12 and be more competitive or stay and be a doormat? Revenue should not be an issue for fans since we don’t see a dime of that but the revenue won’t be that huge of a difference.

Who says that staying in the SEC means that Arkansas will be a doormat? I don’t buy that. The retooling process may not be going as fast as we would like, but I don’t believe that it has failed.

And don’t sneer at the money. Keeping up the high standing in the “arms race” is important no matter what the conference. It matters and it does affect the product on the field, or should I say, fields.

My point, so far historical we have been basically a .500 team in the SEC and as fans, if we had a better chance at a conference title or more 10 wins seasons in the Big 12, would the fans be happier?

Well, this fan would not be happier, but I can’t speak for others.

I honestly don’t believe that we would have a better chance at more 10 win seasons and conference championships in the B12-2. We’re 5-3 vs. the B12-2 over the past 10 years. That’s the same record we were in the SEC last season. Not sure how we would be consistently better in that conference.

Under Belima Arkansas national recruiting class has a average rank of number 27… Ok you would think that was decent. But compared to the other SEC schools we are 11th… Only beating Missouri, Kentucky and Vanderbilt. That’s his major flaw. CANT RECRUIT.

Oh , Wisconsin didn’t miss a beat since he’s been gone.

Now let’s look at the coaching records to prove that Arkansas was not in rebuilding mode…

Houston Nutt last 3 years coaching had a record of 22-15 overall and 13-11 in the SEC…

Bobby Petrino 4 years 34-17 and 17-15 in the SEC.

One year under John L Smith with the same players Petrino was winning with. 4-8 overall and 2-6 in the SEC.

Bret’s Four year tenure. 19-20 overall with bad loses to lower level schools and the killer.
7-17 in the SEC.

All those other coaches playing in the same division with the same recruiting rankings.

Guys let’s not let facts and numbers get in the way of the Truth. One of these Coaches is not like the others. It would be easy to say John L Smith but let’s compare his and Brets SEC winning percentages. John L
(.250) Brets ( .292) it only took Bret 3 more years to win 5 more SEC games than John L.

In conclusion, these guys are millionaires so I don’t care about their job. College football is a bottom line business. Bret’s not getting it done compared to his 3 previous predecessors. Until Arkansas can get a damn good coach like Petrino that can recruit we will be 10 years in the Belima era and appreciating a Houston Nutt.

FACTS, your facts are wrong. Bret is 25-25 overall, 10-22 SEC. Carry on!

FACTS, here are the facts about said coaches first four years at Arkansas.

Record=25-25…6.1 wins-6.1 loses
Conf. Record=10-22
Top 25 Teams Played=25 (26 after Belk Bowl)…Bama is the only team in the country to play more top 25 teams in the last 4 years.
Top 25 Record=7-18
Lost to Unranked Teams=7

Record=34-17…8.2 wins-4.1 loses
Conf. Record=17-15
Top 25 teams Played=22
Top 25 Record=10-12
Lost to Unranked Teams=5

Record=30-18…7.2 wins-4.2 loses________ (only played 11 regular season games)
Conf. Record=17-15
Top 25 Teams Played=17
Top 25 Record=7-10
Lost to Unranked Teams=8

The best case scenario for the football program to win more than they lose in the SEC and stay put in the SEC West. Leaving the SEC is like firing Bret Bielema. It’s simply not an option because we simply cannot afford it - especially with our athletic director’s long range facility building and refurbishing plans. As many of you have figured out, it is my opinion that all the facility construction has yet to have the positive effect on recruiting that it should have had.

When I listen to all the Arkansas Razorback talk show punditry, especially the ones who have come here from somewhere else (like Bo Mattingly), they make it sound as if traveling to Fayetteville takes three weeks of trekking across mountain passes using pack mules to carry provisions. The reality is that Fayetteville is a great place to go to school and live and transportation has improved dramatically over the last 30 years. Our coaches should be doing better and Fayetteville’s “remoteness” is not as relevant as some would want us to believe.

Sorry to be cynical, but a huge part of the job (regardless of the conference we are in) is to recruit and sign guys that our opponents want too. Beating out Tulane for some obscure 3 star honorable mention defensive back is not going to get it anymore. The only way out of this is to recruit and sign more “4 and 5 star studs” (like Alex Collins) and fill in with “3 star” talent from Arkansas (like Drew Morgan) who will play their guts out for us. The bottom line is that I don’t want us to leave the conference, I want us to win the conference. The question remains do we have the leadership to get it done and that is a question I simply don’t have an answer to right now.

Sooooooooooo…we are going to get a change in defensive scheme instead of DC. Disappointing. Back to 3-4 scheme so we can bring more pressure(run and pass blitzes)upon the opposing offense and its about time! We must use a WILD HOG defense if we are going to beat the big guys. HOGS YA’LL.