Calipari getting tossed Saturday was not planned. Trust me. Finally, an officiating crew had the guts to throw him out. If anything, getting tossed proved that he is no coach. His ineptitude cost memphis a national championship. His cheating, cost them their runnerup banner. The man is a sleaze bag. Business colleagues of mine in Cincinnati and Lexington laugh about it. They don’t care because he is winning. He is funneling money through a largely black church in Lexington that is paying players. Here in Memphis, he had his pimp, Worldwide Wes. At Umass, he had boosters. Every school he has been associated with has suffered because of him. Only his love interests (i.e. Dick Vitale and at least half of ESPN) talk about what a good coach he is. He flopped in the NBA and the only success he has had in college is because he cheated. HE is what’s wrong with college sports.

Sorry oink, I don’t think so. As far as Dickie V, he is the part of a man that drains the blatter…He was giving it hell about the last few seconds about the time outs.

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