I drank way too much koolade prior to looking into my crystal ball for the TCU game. I was completely wrong as my beloved Hogs got exposed. Which is as much as I’m going to speak on as far as the game goes.

On to my predictions for the BYE WEEK

  1. We will not lose a game this week! Record will hold strong and we will be .500 on the season 1-1.
  2. Extra time for preparation for our season within the season as our conference opener is looming in 2 weeks.
  3. We will get a new starter in the kicking game.
  4. The naysayers have an extra week to bash the head football coaches efforts… will make for a long 2 weeks before we play TAMU
  5. Won’t be much tweeting going on by CBB as all his attention will be on cooling off the hot seat.

Keys to victory this week
A) No injury
B) improvements in the kicking game
C) improved route running and timing between QB and WR/TE
D) Austin Allen gets his mojo back.

No more koolaid for me. TCU technically bested Arkansas on the score board, but Arkansas beat itself. Neither Offense nor Defense made proper adjustments to their respective game plans against a coach known for his ability to quick adjust. (not a new issue been happening 4 years) Fundamentally we were not sound on defense or special teams (another lingering issue). Receivers may be young and inexperienced but still not as speedy as advertised (this happens every year when we listen to all the false hype during the off season In Anticipation for “The Big Year” when coach BB finally pulls all the stops and it comes together. Yawn… tired of making excuses… the time is now… year 5 under current coaching regime and same results… are we insane for believing that things will be better after watching the same outcome year in and year out?

Hard to argue. 5 years in and much of the same is evident from year one. Interesting (albeit disappointing) with regard to the kicking game. Neither the field goal or kick off ‘legs’ have demonstrated ability at this level. Seems that the game is in Cole’s head and at least for now, he’s left his chances on the cutting room floor. Confused with regard to the QB play as well. Every QB that’s played the game has had to deal with changing receivers. If the only proficiency you have is when you have 4 senior receivers, you get what we’ll get this year from BA.

My biggest complaint with the HC? We just stick with the same - over and over. Where BA is frustrated and angry and fairly not moving the team, why NOT give number 2 a chance. A little competition is a good thing and a little time on the sidelines to see the game from a different perspective is a good thing. I can’t remember - in 5 years - the HC - even one time - swapping out to QB #2 when #1 is struggling (and mop up time isn’t what i’m talking about). Definition of insanity … read it. Apparently Arkansas coaching has.


Dis-hog, Very good post and you hit the nail smack dab on the head… We will never see it though cbb is to set in his ways!

Crowd chanting, “we want more. We want more.”

We are leaning on inexperienced players at all of the skill positions on offense after losing senior starters Morgan, Hatcher, and TE Sprinkle. I hope for substantial improvements from the likes of Stewart but having speed and requisite agility or athletic ability separates players that runs fast from those who can actually play at this level. I hope we have enough of these players at the WR and return positions. I have to beleive there are no recruiting misses at those two positions. CBB could have had that “Big Year” or 10/11 win season in 2015 but we awaited BA to finally bloom under Coach Enos after the Toledo and A&M losses which were very winnable. A very athletic QB that can run on designed plays could help out this offense right now while all of the WRs/TEs gain further experience but we don’t have that yet in our stable like many competitive teams do. So it will be awhile for these Hogs to hit their stride on offense bit still say that AA is a pro caliber QB with the right players around him. CBB just may need to reassess what will work consistently year in and year out for his program moving forward and then try to recruit to address issues and put a winning product on the field which can get done. Other than the 3rd down issues on defense, the speedier 3-4 alignment with our current young LBs kept the cuffs on a high powered offense in TCU. We have a stud DL commited for next season among a few other 4 star standouts.

Bye Week is a 3pt favorite.

Koolade says we cover

Bye week. Going fishing. No games next week for me. Leaving my phone and laptop at home. I will not worry about anything at all.
Hope it don’t rain.