Bye week, O-Line entrenched?

Coach B says O-Line is entrenched which means they will make no personnel changes to that unit after wathing film multiple times during the bye week.
I guess we’ll find out Saturday if this group can make a quantum leap after playing so bad against its only legitimate opponent thus far (TCU).
It won’t take too long on Saturday to know the answer to that question.
We weren’t able to establish any real run game against the Horned Frogs which results in difficulty getting the play action pass game going and that’s who we are.
My fear is that we will see the same results again this week and if that’s the case I don’t see a scenario where we pick up a much needed win.
Hope I’m wrong.

Go Hogs!

I keep thinking about the ones practicing against the ones surely will help some, plus build the chemistry amongst that group. Until AA makes them pay for crowding the line to stop the run and sending the blitz, things are not going to change. Our passing game is taking to long to get the ball out of AA hands, if he start getting the pass made quicker and hits his target our O- line will look better immediately in my opinion. A Qb that holds the ball to long makes everyone look bad, also I expect some Qb draws this game. WPS

Well, what the Aggies have is bigger players, more talent and just as much or more speed than TCU. Preaching to the choir here, but TCU’s speed was very problematic for Arkansas’ running game and keeping AA from getting settled in the passing game.

I’m not sure the “A” gap is going to be Arkansas’ friend Saturday. DL Daylon Mack, at 320 pounds, is only 6’1" but about as wide as a pickup truck. If he’s ready to play, he will be in the back field all day. Just quick and strong.

If Arkansas is to have a productive running game and any shot at winning the game, I have a feeling that AA will have to hit some meaningful passes early. Make some first downs passing the ball. My guess is, no matter what changes BB and his coaches make or doesn’t, the Aggies will sell out, if they have too, to take away the running game. Why would they have any respect for the Razorback passing game?

TCU had smaller more athletic way more experienced guys… their December line played so low to the ground and it was very effective. Kind of hard to have a strong O Line scheme when you have 2 walk ons beating out scholarship players in the mix.