The creative addition and subtraction in this article makes me laugh. The excuses keep on rolling in. Everyone that says, “It takes time,” should realize what year this is. Year 4 and this team looked like they weren’t getting coached. The SEC west, and SEC as a whole are down, and are no longer some legendary thing to be held up as the paramount of competition. Talent is everywhere and coaching matters. I’d put Washington, Wyoming and Va Tech’s coaches up against Bret any day, along with the majority of winning programs. Their teams would be better prepared and wipe the floor with the mighty SEC west. Coaching matters. If subpar coaching is acceptable then “fans” should just say, “I’m happy with falling into a win every now and then. If we win, we win, If we lose, then so be it.” I want to see wins because this program is far too big to sink to UK levels and expectations. To expect Saban levels of winning is stupid. He’s the devil. Being competitive and winning the big one being a possibility is simple enough with good coaching. We will never see this with Bret except through an act of God. Unintended consequences. Tell me something that doesn’t require an abacus and lame rationale as to WHY Bret is a good coach.

That’s a reporter writing what the head coaches had to say in an article.

It’s not a column. It’s not Bob Holt’s opinions.

Very important to distinguish that if you are trying to disrespect Bob.

True, but since when do we fudge records based on convenience?

Help me understand - which record is his fudging?

Also is a conference that has 4 teams in the top 11 really down?

Would that mean the Big 10 is down to since it has 4 in the top 11 as well

Hey now, don’t let facts get in the way of blind prejudice.

Dudley… I have a question about a gut feeling I have about the Auburn loss. My instincts are telling me that there are/is an internal problem going on that the rest of us have not been told about. I mean we play so well against Ole Miss and then lay a dinosaur egg at Auburn. I get it that it was a three game grind with some injuries but that does not explain what I saw. That was an I don’t really care attitude on both sides of the ball and sometimes that is an internal strife problem. What does your instincts/gut tell you? HOGS YA’LL.

The fact that 2 days later and no response…“crickets” is a little telling…imo.


The fact that 2 days later and no response…“crickets” is a little telling…imo.
[/quote]Well, the only question I would have, is why would any of the reporters care who the coach is ? They will still be reporting and the more controversy the easier their job actually. So, even though I disagree a lot with them — they still get paid, no matter what. Just not following the logic. You think they are out of a job with a coaching change ? Just not following, as I said. They have no reason to not tell what they believe to be the truth.