Butler is prime for an upset. #30 Kelan Martin is one of the best players we've played against all yr.

Martin is actually their leading re-bounder, he gets a lot of offensive rebounds, he’s their leading scorer, he shoots about 36% from the trey (3), the entire team shoots the trey(3) pretty good.

Not sure it would be an upset, Butler is favored by a point in Vegas. In fact if I scanned it right we are one of only two higher seeded teams that are Vegas underdogs. Mizzou is the other.

The SEC is going to have to prove itself on the court. I heard one analyst say he didn’t think a single SEC team would make it to the second weekend. Then again, what do analysts know?

Yeah, that is going to put chips on shoulders. I actually think TN and KY have very good draws, and KY has to go through both Arizona (to make the Sweet 16) and Virginia (to make EE). I have both TN and KY making the EE

As for Butler, I don’t see the “upset”. They finished the season 4-6. They’re struggling right now. I don’t see the concerns everyone else does. We are actually better away from home than they are as well (8-9 vs 6-10).

I’d say it’s who you asked on this forum, if it’s good print for the Hogs they’re the best but if it’s against the Hogs they are thought poorly of it seems. Winning cures all ill words said and printed and makes analysts either fools or a genius. Go Hogs! WPS

After the hogs beat Butler there may be a change of heart by a few pundits. I like the matchup and would like to see the hogs play them in a home and home in the non conference schedule. Butler may have the one player but the hogs have 3 that can score at a high rate! It wouldn’t suprise me if the hogs coming out firing on all cylinders and put this game away early.
I would like to see Hall, CJ and Gabe have some productive minutes. Cook will be the wild card during the Dance.

I see this game being a shootout and the team that can stay out of foul trouble with their key players will have the opportunity to win.Both teams have players that can go off on offense and score quickly and often and I’m not sure either has a defensive guy that is a shutdown defender so to speak. Going to be a good game to watch, just hoping we can come away with a victory. WPS

I’m not sure Butler is as good as many think, but I agree staying out of foul trouble is probably the deciding factor. It’s just the analysts are really harping on how bad the SEC as a whole is (one said no SEC Team makes the Sweet 16) and how easy Butler should beat AR, because AR isn’t that good away from home. It’s almost as if they didn’t do research. AR has a better overall record, better away from home record, higher shooting % away from home, and has a dominate big man. I’m not seeing the same team the pundits are. I think AR will take this personally. I think that’s going to be the biggest difference. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the SEC put at least 6 teams in the Sweet 16 just to prove a point

Like you said, I don’t think Butler is as good as pundits are suggesting, but their no slouch either. I truly believe if we control the tempo, we’ve got this game.

Seems like they were good enough, huh?