Bret Bielima Show

Watch it, there won’t be many left

I love it.
Just wonder how many love letters this fat guy has sent out this week !!!

I’m more than ready for a change at the helm of the Arkansas football program; but I truly wish that shared desire were not couched in terms of personally demeaning disparagement and brusque insult. Bielema has to be aware of the mood of the fan base; but there’s really no need to add insult to injury on a personal level.

I would simply ask that you put yourself in his shoes (please don’t seize upon that line for further physical humor) and just consider how you would feel being cast in the role of a punching bag for everybody and his brother to take a swing or a kick at if you were in his position.

Please show a little restraint and a modicum of class. We can all be better than this.

Well said Fox.

Fixed the subject line, and well-said SilverFox.

Could not agree more.


Thank you. I am so sick of that “stuff”

Me too… I am so tired of the classless “Fanbase”.