Bret Bielema to Michigan State?

Just heard a snippet on Finebaum that Michigan State is interested in BB. Wouldn’t that be great to get that buyout off the books.

That buyout may be off the books anyway. The legal process isn’t over.

It’s been awhile since Bret has gotten any checks from Arkansas. That might be his motivation for hunting a Power 5 job. Michigan State is the first opening that I’ve seen of late that would seem to fit for Bret. I know, for some here, nothing would be the right fit. Might not be a windbreaker with a Power 5 logo that’s big enough, right?

I was reading something today in an NFL column that thought the Giants are a pretty good fit for BB. Joe Judge has never been a head coach, but he has four former HCs on his staff including Bielema.

The current projections are that Sparty will go after Luke Fickell at Cincy, which makes sense. Fickell took his name out of the running today, but I remember Nick Saban doing that with the Alabama job. Unfortunately they eventually made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. But if Fickell is serious about staying put, BB could be an option.

I find it mind boggling that a program like that would even consider hiring that guy. They need to do some serious due diligence.

Let’s assume for a moment that JR was right and the drinking problem led to Bielema’s demise. People do get into recovery programs and stop drinking. I’m sure Belichick wasn’t letting him show up to work snockered.

I think it could be a good fit for both. (Let’s a assume that Bret has recovered and is continuing to work on his sobriety for now.)

The key is going to be staff construction. He’s a great personality and has shown that he can attract quality staff members, and he can recruit fairly well.

But, he also made some questionable calls with staff selection, and I never quite got the impression that in-game adjustments were his strong suit.

It’s not a bad fit for him, but he needs a really good staff.

I wish him and Chad the best.


Yes Sirrrrrrrr…that would be fun. I always liked Bret as did his players…maybe he learned a few tricks
from “Obi-Wan” Belichik. :sunglasses:

Football Scoop reporting Bret is highly interested and has had his agent contact Michigan St…
probably be willing to take it at the price offered…chance for redemption…maybe one of those
incentive loaded type of deals. Interesting, we’ll see.

Amen ! I don’t wish ill will towards anyone, wishing them the best in their future endeavors. WPS

Sparty is hiring Mel Tucker from Colorado. BB isn’t coming back to the Big Ten. Yet.

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