Bream and Bass

Anyone here an advide fisherman? I just got off vacation and had a blast fishing for and eating bream, bass and crappie. Prior to this past week I haven’t been fishing in like over a year; so I really enjoyed myself, learned how to clean fish myself and how to work different poles, and jigs considering I grew up with my grandma using a cane pole, that was advanced learning. All the fishing I got a chance to do got me and my wife now thinking about a boat in the future lol but we’re not going to rush the process. If you guys haven’t gotten a chance yet I hope you can get out to a local lake or pond this year and catch some big kahunnas!

It’s nice to Hear you enjoyed yourself. We have a beautiful state full of places to camp, fish and enjoy the outdoors. I wouldn’t buy a boat if your going to wait a year before fishing again!

Lol good point but I did catch a huge large mouth today it gets funnier by the minute

I fish every chance I get, I’ve whittled my work down to four months a year and love to fish. Great to hear you had a big time, hope you get to go many more days! WPS