Brandon Allen picked up by the

L. A. Rams of waivers. Personally I’d rather be in LA than Jacksonville. Cost of living probably higher, however. … t-jaguars/

He is far from a stud QB, but his knowledge and execution of pro style offenses he ran here is noticed. See what he does with it when a chance arrives.

The thing is, the Jags expected to put him on their practice squad and this was the first step. His performance preseason was noticed and got him a nice raise.

Obviously, I wish only the best for Brandon with another opportunity for continued employment in the NFL. He’s a tough young man as we all know after all he went through at Arkansas with all the coaching staff changes and personal attacks that he withstood. He can be a more than serviceable backup QB for many NFL teams for a number of years and make great money doing it.
I did see where Alex Collins got cut by Seattle after 1 season. Does anyone know if he got a degree before leaving after 3 seasons to pursue the NFL?
I don’t know if another team has brought him in yet or not and the problem is that sometimes in the NFL (Not For Long) you only get one shot.
That’s why I’ve advocated for years that these young men need to get that degree above all else because the security of a job in professional sports is not that good.
I wish both of these good luck and hope they can stay in the league because they were both great role models and players at Arkansas.

Go Hogs!

Collins is still employed, he is on the practice squad with (I think?) The Ravens