Arkansas moved up to a 9 seed in the South Region as of today and I can see room for them to get to as high as a 7 seed if they can finish no worse than 3 wins and 1 loss to finish the regular season ar 23-8. I hope they can reach at a minimum the SEC Tourney Semi-Finals to solidify a 7 or 8 seed in the NCAA Tourney.

Having said that this team can’t take a step backwards and allow Texas A&M to come to BWA and pull off an upset.
I do believe the team has confidence now and are playing their best right now.
It appears that Barford and Macon have a clear idea of what they can do on the D-1 level and are playing with a confidence that just took time to get comfortable with what their role needed to be for this team.

I do believe Coach A should continue to play some zone defense or match up zone depending on the situation. That zone really turned the game around at SC.
The 4 guard rotation of Beard, Barford, Hannah’s and Macon should be the recipe for the remainder of the season with 3 of them being on the floor at all times.
I would love to see Kingsley and Thompson play together for 25 minutes per game with Thomas, Cook, Bailey and Watkins stealing some minutes each half to keep the two big men fresh and out of foul trouble.

Now, speaking to Bracketology I see a handful of teams in the field that are there on reputation only and clearly not the results of their season.
ACC: Syracuse and Georgia tech have not earned a legitimate spot.
Big 10: Michigan State and Michigan don’t have the resume as of now.
Big East: Marquette and Seton Hall not good enough resume.

By giving so many Tourney spots to these under performing Teams that in most cases have 10-12 losses already with 3-4 games still to play doesn’t serve the Tourney well nor does it reward teams like Illinois St., Rhode Island, Houston, Charelston, Oakland, Arkansas St. and many others that have or will have 20 plus wins over this season.

Go Hogs!

As be noted by many other places, this is the worst bubble in years, if not decades. They’ve got to find 68 teams to put in. Syracuse and G tech has some nice wins. Charleston and stAte can get in, just win their tourney. I think Charleston will, btw. Tournament is here.

Let the bubble burst! Syracuse and many others will not even be 500 in their league. This is a time the SEC should get at least 5 to 6 teams in the Dance. It will end up being the ACC -Big 10 invitational tournament.

Who are the six SEC teams that you believe should be in and who that is currently in lunardi’s bracket would you take out?

Didn’t Tennessee beat Georgia Tech by 23 earlier this year? Yet Georgia Tech is in, Tennessee out.

One would think it goes in this order right now:

Florida, Kentucky (although that could flip this weekend when they play in Lexington on Saturday), South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama.

Tennessee is currently in Joe Lunardi’s first four out for ESPN.

Alabama joins the other four in Jerry Palm’s bracket for CBS.

Arkansas is 13-3 at home, 7-4 on the road/neutral sites

Alabama 7-5 away with big win at SC while Tennessee is 5-8 - with of course its big win over Kentucky at home

Tennessee also lost at home to Chattanooga. By your logic Chattanooga should be in.

How is Alabama in anyone’s bracket? Their 16-10, not a bad record, but 7 of their wins have come against RPI 200 or worse teams and they’ve played 13 top 100 RPI teams and lost to 9 of them.

Why would beating Tennessee, a team not in the tournament, mean Chattanooga should be in the tournament? I’m scratching my head. I thought it would be pretty clear that I was questioning why Georgia Tech was in.

You questioned the validity of GT’s appearance in the bracket off of one loss to Tennessee in your post. Obviously the committee looks are more data than one game. GT has markedly better wins than Tennessee. I would surmise that is the reason they would get in and UT wouldn’t.

The 6 SEC teams that I would put in today
Florida. Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee.
The ball is moving and I could see this change. I don’t consider GA Tech or Syracuse any better or more deserving than any of these SEC teams. Then look at the Big Ten. Holy cow they are horrible.
Every year to get in the money traditional schools they make a different argument.

Maybe you’re right. I really don’t know. I do know that Georgia Tech’s rpi is 76, and I can’t remember the last time an at large bid was given to a team with a 76 rpi. BTW, Georgia blew them out, too - on GT’s home court.

I think the SEC will get 4 teams in the tourney. Maybe a 5th. I don’t see a 6th team in any scenario.

How does the SEC go 5-5 aginst the Big 12 in the challenge and teams that are in the bottom of our conference beat teams from the big 12 toward the top and they have 6-7 teams being mentioned for a seat in the Dance. With that 5-5 performance by this SEC none of those wins Came from Kentucky South Carolina (did not play) and Arkansas got smoked in a tribute game yet the SEC is weak! What does it really tell you about your own attitude as well as the pundits ! You all have a preconceived idea or attitude of something you hear over and over that it’s true. Well when the games are played and you win or your dead even if that does not give you a snapshot why play the game! That Syracuse team that beat Duke last night is no better than Auburn, Ole Miss,Vanderbilt, Georgia,Tennessee,Arkansas, South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama,
Or Kentucky. The truth is someone could put crap on a cracker and smile eating it and expect you to like it too! I make my judgements based on fact not preceived statements or feelings. I have hired a lot of folks in my life I have fired very few! I make every attempt to find a way to use what talents and gifts that God gave each and every one in a way that would allow them to be sucess as well as the team.
I’ve had neighbors that were to low on the social status ladder for others to be kind and neighborly too! Not me my friends god made all of us the same. We should fair to everyone. The same principle applies here with whonget in and who get out. Leave it up to man to not use the same rules or guidelines for everyone.
It upsets me to see just how unethical the college athletics have become.
I’m going to give an example.
Arkansas fired a coach for lying. Foootball program ranks!
Florida State plays a young man until he leaves and enter the NFL even though he was accused of Rape. Then that school pays the victim a large settlement. Are you stupid enough to believe nothing happened or were they just being kind!
Louisville had hookers in a dorm for recruits. I do believe it’s aginst law also.
Syracuse scandal. Baylor! North Carolina academic fraud.
Ole Miss what they did is nothing compared to any of these others.
It’s about money and the blue bloods. That’s the same reason we lost the 95 game to UCLA. Anytime Arkansas has won it’s because we have to earn it against the other team and the refs. It’s also the reason they change the rules to get in the Dance
Arkansas should not be a bubble team. Those other bubble teams have horrible losses much worse. Stand up and speak out for our hogs and the SEC! Be loyal. Those other folks don’t just give you credit for anything make them earn it.