Boy, what an ugly season of football!

I like Houston Nutt, but I don’t think he’s the right choice for Arkansas at this time. For whatever reason, and I haven’t quite figured that out yet, he’s divisive. Arkansas doesn’t need anymore division, they need like 15 straight yrs of harmony. I would try and sign Norvell or Kiffin, not sure either is interested though.

The Arkansas job is not an easy sell at this time for obvious reasons.
There will probably be many coaches that take a waiver on it for now.
Those so called candidates for our job will also be candidates for all of the other P5 jobs that may not be quite as much of a reclamation project.
Campbell, Norvell and Kiffin IMO will not want this job and will have much more attractive offers.
It’s going to be interesting.

What football season? The player just showed up. The coaches got paid and the fans paid to watch a circus.

There definitely doesn’t appear to be anyone interested in the Arkansas job, which is understandable. Arkansas’ fans and unreasonable expectations have made it impossible to land a top notch target. I don’t think Lou Holtz should have been run out. I thought Ken Hatfield did a good job, but in a weak conference where everyone was in trouble with the NCAA. Jack Crowe lost to The Citadel, that’s an automatic termination. Joe Kines was a decent Defensive minded coach, but was never suited for a head coach job. Danny Ford was a good coach IMHO, but he violated too many NCAA rules. Houston Nutt was a good coach IMHO, that should have never been forced out. Bobby Petrino was an idiot, but he was a good offensive coach, but never spent enough time on Defense, and there was the incident… Bielema ran his mouth too much, which teams like Texas Tech and Alabama used as motivation against Arkansas. And he put too much stock in size, over athleticism. His recruits were big, but generally slow, and unathletic.
I would have given Chad Morris one more yr, although it was pretty obvious nothing good was going to happen there, but at least no one could say he didn’t get a fair chance.

So basically Arkansas has kind of a bad reputation some of it is deserved, like running off Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, some of it absolutely not deserved, like firing Petrino and Bielema, some of it undecided, like Chad Morris.