Boy, Arkansas has a terrible coach..

I was watching that game, I knew they gave up a return, mostly because of bad tackling, but you’re down by 3, and squib kick it to the 50?? What in the world? One first down and the guy would be within range in an indoor turf stadium, with no weather. And then in OT, instead of the coach or OC calling a time out on 3rd and 7, dude throws it into double coverage for an INT??? Truthfully though, it shouldn’t have even been an OT game, the officials stole a TD away from A&M in the first half…

Arkansas has the worst defense I’ve ever seen, the worst special teams I’ve ever seen, the worst all around coaching I’ve ever seen… Why on earth does this guy still got a job? That loss today was 120% on poor coaching, and nothing else…

Agreed and Allen threw a pick into triple coverage.

Bielema sucks donkey dicks!!!

Yeah…you are about to go on “vacation”

I’ve never understood that one…if he stepped out of bounds it’s easily possible the ref could miss it. But he didn’t step out of bounds…I guess the ref imagined he stepped out of bounds!

Coach B didn’t build the program at Wisconsin, he inherited it from Coach Alvarez and the badgers really haven’t taken a downturn since his departure.
I believe they are currently undefeated and ranked #10
Taking over an established program which is what happened with him at Wisconsin and trying to rebuild a program like what he took over at Arkansas is two totally different things.
However, if we want a comparison let’s look at the job being done at Penn State by coach James Franklin, much different looking teams wouldn’t you say?
Maybe he gets it done in seven years and we go on a nice run with him at the helm, but it’s quite possible that won’t be the case.

Go Hogs!

I think that is a good indication of a coaches ability, comparing the schools performance before and after the coaches tenure. Vandy was not a powerhouse with Franklin, but they were much improved than where they are now. It will be interesting to see how Alabama is once Saban retires.

Well realistically O’Brian came in and was a great steward after the scandal, he left Franklin in a very favorable position. And it’s Penn State they never want for athletes, recruiting there never really faltered despite the scandal because realistically tne scandal had nothing to do with the program only some who were associated with the program. I take nothing away from Franklin he is a great coach but the situations are very different.

Three straight bowl games and back to back 9 win seasons and Vanderbilt. Could Bielema do that? If if recruiting never faltered at Penn State how come Obrien did not have the success Franklin is having?

o’brien didn’t have the success that Franklin is having because he had to deal with the full wrath of the NCAA sanctions. all of Penn State’s best players transferred in the immediate aftermath, also the massive scholarship cuts he had to overcome. not to mention the bowl ban. Franklin has dont a great job and is a tremendous coach, but he’s inherited a traditional powerhouse, which has now come through all of the sanctions that O’brien dealt with. im not saying they are equals as coaches, simply that the situation wasnt inherently equal during each coaches tenure.

If the current coach really cared about the Hog’s, He would just quit, but he won’t because he know’s that he just doesn’t have what it take’s to Win Game’s in the SEC.

Tie this Guy Up, and also the The Guy who Hired Him, Put them in a Box Car Headed back up North.

Don’t give the Next Coach a Long Term Contract, but base the contract on Game’s Won.

Arkansas is Missing out on a lot of money in the Bowl Game’s, for the School and the Athletic Program.

All the Coach’s in the SEC that have to Play against Arkansas will say, the current Coach is doing a Great Job at Arkansas. That’s because they know they are an Easy Team to Beat.

Tie the current Coach up and the Goof Ball that Hired him, Put them in a Box Car Headed North and Get Rid of Them, if you want to start Winning Foot Ball Game’s in The SEC.

Tough Love, Yep, but that’s the way Football is Played in the SEC.

I’ve been saying this since we lost to Toledo. (The outstanding rookie K. Hunt for the Chiefs was suspended that game) Season 3 SHOULD have been his last…he ended 8-5 then you fans AND Jeff Long bout the snake oil. Poisoning isn’t it???