Bo's in Little Rock

For all of you who have asked (and asked and asked …)

That means folks in my hometown will hear me again. It’s good news. I grew up at 1821 Fair Park Blvd., near 12th street. And would walk to Ray Winder, War Memorial Stadium of what we called Fair Park Golf Course. Those are good memories. :sunglasses:

I ate my first corn dog there. They called it a pronto pup and it was next to the bumper cars in the old carnival grounds next to Travelers Field. My uncle lived on Taylor, one block off Fair Park and that was a very nice area of Little Rock.

as long as this thread is going this direction, I lived in the 3400 block of 13th street–just a few blocks east of Robert E. Lee Elementary. I frequently rode my bike to the swimming pool at Fair Park, starting at age 8 or so.

Lee School still there? Bet it’s been torn down. First movie was some scary dragon movie in that theater across the street from Lee School. Am trying to remember its name. There was also See’s 5-10 (I think), and Aday Drug (I think). On the other end of that block (still on 13th Street) was Finnigan’s Drug, where you could get any fountain coke you could imagine.

Oh, Wally Hall was my neighbor across the alley; therefore, he lived in the 3400 block of 14th Street at the time. He was just a couple of years younger, so we played together until I moved to Cloverdale when I was 12.