What is your take on Bohanon? Do we get him or does he go else where?

I think it all depends on how they plan to use him and if they convince him he will be given a legitimate shot at plying QB. He is the #8 dual threat QB in the country and most of all of the teams he had in his final group of official visits run the type of offense more suited to his style of play.
I believe the Hogs have a good shot, but a couple of the the other schools may be able to lure him away with the type of offense they employ.
I certainly hope they can get him to stay at home and you can’t under estimate they factors of staying close to home can have with some recruits.

I’m sure his top choice is still Baylor or some other school where he can get immediate playing time. (Not smart on his part)

But if a new coach comes in and makes him a priority I figure he could easily be stolen from whoever his lead is currently.
If I was him I’d be really hesitant about playing for Enos, he’s not the type of qb he looks for, but is the type we need.

Whatever he picks I hope it works out for the best, sure hope it’s the hogs though.