Bohanon vs Noland

First, this is not a love or hate either high school QB. Just to get that out of the way.

It is a question about the apparent preferences of the Arkansas HC and OC/QB coach. Some comments first.

Bohanon is a dual threat QB and Noland is a pro style QB. Both are 4* recruits. Bohanon has a higher 4* rating by a
national recruiting service and is rated the #1 recruit in the state of Arkansas.

Yet, Bohanon’s offer from the Razorbacks is as an athlete while Noland’s is as QB. Bohanon has numerous offers and best I can tell, each is as QB.

Bohanon may yet sign with the Razorbacks but after reading an article on another site, he has opened his recruiting to anyone willing to recruit him. For a couple of months now he has had a final six consisting of Arkansas, Baylor, Georgia, Louisville, Miss. St., and Ole Miss.

He just visited Louisville in mid-September and told a reporter that he would be taking an official visit there at some point.

Earlier I felt good about the Razorbacks chances, but IMO, with the likes of Louisville and that offense, getting an OV I now have little confidence he will sign with the Razorbacks.

Anyone have any insight into why, or so it appears, our HC and OC do not like dual threat QBs and Bohanon in particular?

He could very well end up being the best QB we could sign in 2018. But due to the preferences of the two coaches, they refuse to offer him at the position he’s played very well, most or maybe all through high school.

Just puzzling to me.

They need to get him.

College footballs most dominant teams are lead by DT QBs. They are what’s working, they add a unique ability to make something out of nothing.

Noland is a good qb, and I’m glad he’s coming to be a razorback, he is also a little more athletic than he gets credit for. That said we still need a DT qb. I’d love to see Bohanon take the helm for the razorbacks.

I have been wondering why our HC/OC haven’t been recruiting Bohannon much harder than what they appear to be?
I’m checked out his rating which is #7 dual threat QB in the nation, while Noland is rated #14 pro style QB.
I checked out Bohannon’s elvaluation from the Elite 11 camp for 24 of the best high school QB’s in the nation and it was stated that he certainly has the intangibles like size, speed, arm strength while it was noted he still has much work to do with accuracy, footwork and reading the defense and making the best decision on where to throw the ball. However, they also say that he has a very high ceiling if he pulls all of these things together.

I think Noland looks the part of a very good college QB and is definitely more athletic than some may understand him to be. However, I believe both of these guys would be redshirted during their freshman year, but Noland would probably playing a key role for his first two years on the Razorback Baseball team and depending on what his draft rating would be at that point and if he is not looking like he would be taking over the starting QB role in what would be his redshirt sophmore season on the grid iron he might at that point opt for the MLB Draft and we would have never actually gotten him on the field as a QB.

Now, the other QB that may be making his way to Fayetteville is Jerry Jones’ grandson. He has visited and has made it very clear that he would love to follow his grandfather and father and be a Razorback. He stands 5’10 1/2, weighs 185lbs and led his Dallas area team to a state title as a Junior QB last season. Evidently, Coach B told him that he would love to have him become a Razorback, he currently has a few offers from FCS level schools and I believe one or two of the service academies that’s about it. No knock on this young man, but based on his physical traits I have my doubts how realistic he would be able to play QB at Arkansas, I could be wrong, but I’ll bet we’ll find out.

They need to go and get Gerry Bohannon!

Let me preface this by saying I want to see Gerry Bohanon in Razorback red. I think he has the ability to be a game-changing kind of QB.

That said, let me say this as well. CBB is in a no-win situation here. I don’t know the amount of mail or phone calls Bohanon is getting in comparison to any other recruit, so I cannot gauge how hard he is being recruited. If Arkansas loses the recruiting battle, then it loses the state’s No. 1 recruit and many on this board will say it was because CBB/OC did not want a DT QB, which may or may not be true. I thought I read somewhere that GB said DE had told him they would have packages for a DT QB.

If Arkansas gets him, which will be great, it must be kept in mind that this is a Class 2A QB moving into the SEC. It’s not likely he will ready for that kind of leap. It’s difficult at any position, but even harder on the QB. He may redshirt. Probably would. Then if he doesn’t start at a R-FR, when will the cries begin for him to start?

Now I know CBB doesn’t let the fans choose his starting lineup. But some believe a DT QB is the only way you can win football games these days. I know it’s the rage and gives a team an added dimension. I’m all for it. But no one should put pressure on this young man by declaring him the Hogs’ Savior. Again, I want him in an Arkansas uniform, but fans need to be patient if he does come. There’s a big difference in playing Rector on Friday nights and Alabama on Saturdays.

But once again, I reiterate, call the Hogs, Mr. Bohanon!

If you truly believe that B’h is a better quarterback than our current commitment, then you haven’t watch film on either of them. There isn’t a need for a mobile QB in the current system. The current system needs a pure passing QB. Also, as mentioned by others, our current commitment is very athletic. Can truly move when necessary.

Just because B’h is from the state, and because he is ranked by a publication doesn’t mean the Hogs need him. You only get a certain amount of scholarships so you have to make the best of them. It looks like they only want one QB per class; and truly, we are loaded at that position. QB, scrambler or not, is not what the Hogs need to get them to the next level.

Comments: you got jokes right? The current system have Ark trailing SC going into the 2nd half and we’ve already punted. This same current system has produced doubled conf losses compared to wins over the past 5 seasons. How do you not go after a dual threat QB especially one that is rank #1 and live in our state

We need a QB who can also threaten a defense with his legs. We are unable to get the type of OL who can dominate a DL. If we keep Bielema and he continues this scheme we will be in the bottom of the conference for a long time.

Just cause you want him, doesn’t mean that the type of offense calls for one. I’m not joking. If the O-line is competent, then there is no need for a mobile QB. You don’t go after him, because you don’t need him. If he was Michael Vick then you’d pursue it, but he isn’t. He isn’t even close.

You think I’d care, or any professional coach cares, what someone who sits in an office and watches high school videos ranks a kid? There is a massive difference in the pay that a professional coach makes and what a desk jockey makes. There is a reason for such. If the desk jockey video junkie was really good at recruiting then colleges and pros would be crawling all over them to hire such a talented person.

Listen if you are an advocator for BB’s system it appears both of you are on the losing side of the coin 5 losing seasons going on 6 within the conference. On the other hand if you are a component for an alleged Pro-Style QB, for whatever that’s worth the current personnel won’t support it nor will it ever support it due to the talent level Ark is able to recruit. Again this young man from Earl AR is the answer

If you say so

Balzy, you’re so clever and all with your football knowledge. Perhaps you can enlighten the great unwashed again just what kind of QB is needed to run BB’s system, after Saturday. And why no one has been able to recruit one that suits the system, after 4 1/2 years of getting our butts kicked. What’s it now 10-24 in league play? Maybe an athletic QB could be useful, as a starter no less, after all.

And your opinion and those of any professional coach (I’m certain you meant college coach) not caring about high school player rankings assigned by some desk jockey is a bit strange and completely out of touch with realty. What makes it so strange? All the university head coaches who offer and chase the same elite players that show up in the rankings of the various national recruiting services. Such as Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Tenn, LSU, Florida St, Clemson, Miami, Ohio St, Michigan, Penn St, OU, Texas, USC, UCLA, etc. etc.

Gary has offers from Alabama, Auburn Georgia, Ole Miss, Tenn, LSU and MSST from the SEC. Other offers include Louisville, Baylor, Houston, Memphis, and USF. And apparently each as QB.

Connor also has an impressive list that includes KY, Mizzou, Ole Miss, Tex A&M from the SEC and additionally North Carolina, Penn St and UCLA.

Still not playing favorites, just pointing out that recruiting service rankings do run pretty closely, apparently, to what the upper level Power 5 head coaches think, after all.

The coaches don’t care what the student athletes are ranked by said recruiting services. They pull the data from a data dump API which allows them to segment and match variations of weight, sprint timing, and other data points; that helps them see if they want to pursue a particular person. Can the student athlete run 4 yard point cones set and throw off of their back foot to the right hash. If the player can, it is added to the data dump. Then they will compare those items to the video footage, then they’ll try to invite them to campus.

These recruiting geniuses you speak of, get their information to pursue athletes by Social Suites (Nuvi, Hootesuite, Twitter) and others, then scan YouTube and Hudle to watch video. This is not some high budget operations. They assign a point ranking system and post it on a website. I can do the same in my sleep.

I know coaches profess to paying no attention to recruiting service player ratings. And I certainly don’t think any coach in Power 5, with their resources available, pay them any mind. But that’s not the point really.

My point is the similarity in the recruiting service ratings of elite players and the Power 5 coaches pursuit of those players. In this case of Arkansas high school QBs, their rankings by coaches and recruiting services somewhat mirror one another, it’s quite telling, IMO. Several more Power 5 schools have offered Gary. Top tier level SEC schools.

Who can say with certainty what a red shirt year and a year carrying a clip board could do for Gary’s development. One scholarship could be found somewhere. The guy is a football player; if he doesn’t make it as a QB, there a number of areas with his size, speed and quickness he could help the team. Just saying.