Bo knows: Hogs lacked leadership

In my opinion, there was an excellent read online this week by Bo Mattingly about the lack of leadership from Bielema this past season and Arkansas football. For anyone who missed it, the link below should do the trick: … eadership/

Bielema seemed to accept responsibility for the lack of direction facing the program, but went on to say: “When you’re in a place like Arkansas, a place that needs to play at a higher level, not only on game day but in your preparation, you can’t settle for anything less.”

Come on, Bret. Having the team play at a higher level on game day, practice and during the offseason is on the head coach and his staff, whether the Razorbacks, Clemson, Alabama or Green Bay Packers are playing, practicing or in offseason workouts.

Though I will continue to support Bielema and his staff, for now, Mattingly makes a valid argument. At $4M a year and then some, the football program should be entitled to a head coach and assistant coaches who take charge and full responsibility for having the Razorbacks ready to compete each and every Saturday.

Watching the bb game tonight, too much standing around…weak

Zero defense

We won. Nuff said.