Big O

I thought Oliver Miller was supposed to be on at half time of our game yesterday. Did I miss him? I thought I watched the whole show.

He was honored at halftime according to the SEC Network twitter. I didn’t see it, but they said it happened.

They had former point guard from Ole Miss on SEC network for awhile! I never saw Big O. They spent too much time devoted to promoting Kentucky.
I wish we had a 4 as talented as Big O!

Has there ever been a player with a prettier inbounds pass? He could throw it the length of the court and still have it arrive as a soft catchable pass. Of course he was much more than that, but wow.

That would be nice. Trey is good but he has a ways to go to catch “Big O”
He could play both ends and you knew he was on the floor. He gave everything he had every time he took the floor. Great hog and good man.