Bielema's best coaching job of his career

I was listening to Bo’s podcast today and he had Dave Bartoo of on. Bartoo is a number cruncher basically. He said if you combine, recruiting, schedule, and other metrics, CBB has done the best coaching job of his career. If you look at Vegas and other statistical numbers, Arkansas should be 3-7 to this point. He also said that Enos was in the top 15% of OCs in the country. He said that Enos offenses averaged like 1 point for every 2 plays for his career. Bartoo’s number crunching also predicted the CFB Playoff top 10 poll in order this week. When asked about this week’s matchup with MSU. Bartoo said that talent wise Hogs and MSU are roughly on the same level. He said both teams recruit at around the 30s mark in the country. That is unfortunately the bottom 2 teams in the SEC west talent wise. He then went on to say with home field advantage that MSU would get the nod. But, after he factors in the coaching staff metrics that Arkansas should win in a close game. Interesting interview to say the least.

That dude has to believe that Bielema has absolutely no responsibility for fielding or coaching any defense for the Razorbacks. Either that or he needs a lot more time in elementary school learning his “number crunching” arithmetic. Since when is fielding the worst Power Five rushing defense in 16 years any type commendable coaching job? Bo Mattingly and that dude must have both already been prescribed our new health drug just voted into legalization.

Envision the scenario that dude laid out as his expectations. Arkansas currently 0-6 in the SEC plus a TCU loss with wins over only Louisiana Tech, Texas State & Alcorn State. That would be a totally pathetic SEC Vandy type team but his logic to arrive there is just as pathetically flawed.

Flawed in this sense, who is 100% totally responsible after four years here for fielding a team with the lowly miserable expectations that this dude has laid out? Who gave us our only other winless team in conference play in over 75 years? Bielema is the answer to both questions.

I have seen Mattingly giving groundless props to Bielema in the past. However construing anything out of this bundle of irrational crap and declaring Bielema a big coaching success is goofy asylum thinking. I must wonder about the accuracy of the OP’s quotes??

A refreshing observance in the realm of FACTS. Very good HB. Keep it coming.HOGS YA’LL.