Bielema: The Good The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

Getting Alex Collins and getting a recruiting foothold in Florida
Tranforming AJ Derby into a NFL TE
Recriuiting of good QBs (Something LSU can’t do)
As an unranked team, shutting out two ranked teams in consecutive weeks

The Bad

We peaked out at 8-5
Never beating A&M (won’t mention Bama cause no one else beats them either)
No killer instinct, thus
Coaches not to lose, thus
Loses too many close and OT games
Special teams horrible in all aspects except Toby Baker
Not hiring a special teams coach
Wouldn’t pull BA when he was obviously hurt against Mizzou in 2014
Bad defenses and offensive lines recently
Losing record against every SEC West team except Ole Miss
Speaking out against AA spiking the ball after the OT win at TCU
A lot of bad coaching hires
Being a soft team
Now we have ‘ho hum’ tight ends
Predictable play calling
All of the foot injuries

The Ugly

Of 16 4 star recruits, only FIVE of them have been deemed worthy of the ranking 31.2% (per
Talks of oline prowess, but most of our 4 star olinemen sit on the pine
All of AA’s bad hits and sacks due to said oline
Losses to Mizzou and VaTech in 2016
Our second half performances since the above losses
10-26 in the SEC (projecting out two weeks)
Saying he was gonna beat Bama and other brash talk
Pooch kicks because we can’t get touchbacks
No QB pressure and poor tackling