Bielema needs to win 9 games min next yr..

This is what yr 4 or 5 coming up, the SEC has what 3 good teams, all in our division??? The SEC hasn’t been this weak since we joined it. It’s like the old SWC in the end, with SMU, Texas, and A&M being good, and everyone else sucked. The only reason he beat Nutt in the Capital One bowl was all the off the field distractions, with that whole Malzahn drama.


That is what we said last year. He needs to go. We need a young upcoming coach with some fire in him.

His buyout is still going to be a problem and I don’t think the big boosters are going to pony up millions to get rid of him!

I have been a Razorback fan for 50 years and this is the first time I have been embarrassed to be one. They disgraced themselves on and off the field in Charlotte by their play and lack of sportsmanship on the field and shoplifting off the field at Belks. Most conducted themselves well on and off the field but as usual, the actions and play of a few cost the entire team. What will next year bring?

A recruiting class ranked around 10th in the SEC.
Stories about how Herb has transformed these players into freaks and there is more speed than ever on The Hill.
7-8 wins and a trip to Shreveport, Birmingham, Houston or Memphis.

That is my guess anyway.

7-8 wins is optimistic. Let’s be real.

Like I have said in earlier posts, we are married to Bret Bielema and Jeff Long has made divorce an impossibility for the time being. What is sad to me is that the Razorback fan base (of which I am a part), has to endure more embarrassment and angst than any fan base should. Furthermore, we have to watch very good high school players (especially in basketball) or very good coaches (especially in football) leave our state to go elsewhere only to come back to play us and humiliate us. Our Athletic Director is disconnected from the fan base and believes that we can just upgrade or build another facility and performance on the field, the court, the diamond or the track will improve dramatically. With perhaps the exception of track, we are finding out that nothing could be further from the truth.

I refuse to berate players because they are young student-athletes and not independently wealthy professionals who should be subject vigilant scrutiny. So, my focus of frustration is aimed at Jeff Long and to a lesser degree Bret Bielema. Let’s face it, while Long has done many good things for our athletic department such as being administratively adroit and ethically upright (particularly with Bobby Petrino), he seems to have forgotten that winning matters too. There’s no rule that says running clean programs and winning are mutually exclusive - that you can’t have one without the other and vice-versa. While I am proud that our athletes do better than most when it comes to grades and behaving in a civil manner (with Jeremy Sprinkle being the exception and not the rule), I am deeply disturbed by the fact that few, if any, of our athletic programs attain a ranking in the top 25 in the country. Our presence in the top 25 of practically any sport used to be commonplace - not anymore.

Jeff Long has to realize that with all the capital investment (regardless of its source), our programs have gotten worse. The return on investment is pathetic. When I go to Bud Walton or DWR Razorback Stadium or the Baum Stadium, I have to prepare myself to deal with the reality of losing regardless of the pedigree of the program we are playing. It is also painful to see our teams struggle but win against lackluster non conference competition. Our coaches and players even have the temerity to celebrate like they have achieved some sort of incredible accomplishment. Sorry, (and no disrespect to Austin Peay or South Central Wyoming Tech or whatever directional school you care to name) but this is nothing to be overly proud. We pay those teams handsomely to come in and take a beating - and I don’t mean by a 35 yard field goal or a three point basket.

So, in my view, our whole athletic department has some terrible problems with the product(s) it is churning out in almost every sport and more facilities and more money cannot fix it. Mr. Long has already played that card. It’s probably time to make some major changes and the first should be to relieve Mr. Long of his duties. That’s a buyout I am sure we can afford.

Great points Swinefinder. For years we have been told by officials on the Hill that our lack of facilities was a major problem bringing in top recruits. Our lack of a basketball practice facility being a recent example. Well, we have a brand new practice facility and probably still won’t make the Tournament this year and maybe the year after. I know Coach Anderson has 2 very good recruiting classes coming in and perhaps our fortunes in the basketball program will improve. I’m willing to give Coach Anderson a few more years to right the ship. But with CBB, this will be year 5 and these will be all his players. This ridiculous notion of winning SEC Titles with 3 stars has proven to be a pipe dream. I know getting top classes like the Tide, LSU, or Florida is not realistic, but being out recruited by teams like Ole Piss, Miss. State, or even Kentucky is unacceptable. I know that CBB has coaches on the staff that don’t like recruiting and refuse to do so. Our offensive line coach for example. Recruiting is about effort. In this league, you have to outwork the other schools coaches and also be a top notch evaluator of talent. CBB’s method of only signing 20-22 players per class and gambling on JUCOS or transfers for quick fixes is not working. I know CBB’s buyout is a problem, but if the team does not show significant improvement next season (8 wins or at least 4-4 in conference play), calls from the fan base will force Long and the boosters to act.

Should have won 9 games last year and as well this year. Failing to motivate and control your team is the reason for the last 2 melt downs. I expect another 7 win season next year as well. But next year I’m going to do it different I’m not watching any of the games. Tired of it

Say what you want about the football and basketball teams. But, to criticize Coach Dave Van Horn proves your lack of sports knowledge at every level.

Wowzers, baseball has one bad year and you are ready to throw the program under the bus? You do recall that the 2015 team went to the CWS? That was in spite of the many injuries that hit the team late in the year.

You’re right Jeff…CBB needs to win 9-10 regular season games next year because I see his seat beginning to warm up. Let’s hope he realizes this and make some changes esp on defense and the OL.

If the Dave Van Horn comments were aimed at me then I don’t think you read very closely what I said. I never discussed the ouster of any coach. My problem is with the Athletic Director. If we are honest about this, then we have to conclude that 2016 was a weak year for our Athletic Department as far as performance on the field, diamond or court is concerned. Our basketball, baseball and football teams underachieved. Each of our coaches has a record of accomplishment either here or at their previous employers. There is no doubt in my mind that they can coach well enough to seriously compete for conference titles. The question with me is: What does Jeff Long do (other than build new facilities) to get them and their teams to perform better? If you are satisfied then perhaps he has done enough. I am not satisfied with any of it. I want to see improved productivity in all three major sports. Don’t get wrong, I think it is nice that track is doing relatively well as well as women’s soccer. But those sports don’t pay the bills. Remember, it all flows down hill and it starts with Long.

I have also been a Razorback fan for 50 years. The last two games have taken it’s tool on me and I just hope that they can right this situation soon. I love my Razorbacks

My best, most realistic advice to all of my fellow Hog fans - very sadly, indeed - - is - - - get used to redundant mediocrity. It shows every indication of being with us for a while - - - regardless of whom is on the field playing or whom is barnstorming the gridiron sidelines. Ours is an “also-ran” program, mired in the rut of mediocrity. I experience no joy whatsoever in that frank assessment; but it is the unvarnished truth.

We could have just as easily started 1-3 and went 5-7. If you’re factoring in games we ‘should have’ won, you kind of have to also factor in the games we ‘should have’ lost.

Face it folks, we’ve all watched BBs team, we all know their characteristics. We now should understand he’s never going to win 9 games.
Was listening to Bo Mattinglys show the other day on the radio and I don’t remember the exact reference made for the scenario but it was very alarming. Something along the lines of 14 times we have had double digits leads (enter scenario I can’t remember) and we have lost ten of those games. That in any scenario is absolute horse (explicit).

Something about this guy and his staff is the inability to control a game and finish. It’s been shown for four years. I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. I’ll watch the games next year, but for the first time in 20 years I highly doubt I will attend a game, it’s reached the point of it’s not worth the 4 hour drive.

Love my hogs and always will, but after 3 years of supporting and defending, I’m no longer a supporter of BB. I think we’ve reached a point where he’s just here for another year before he gets fired. I just don’t think he can handle the SEC west.

I don’t mean to sound like a "Gloomy Gus’ fatalist - - I truly don’t - - , - - - but I no longer hold out any realistic hopes of an upsurge in Hogs football fortunes REGARDLESS of the identity of any prospective “Knight In Shining Armor” whom Arkansas might procure to ride in on a white horse to resuscitate and revitalize an Arkansas football program that is in a total, demoralized funk. We’re at the bottom of the barrel; - - - and I don’t perceive any ladder.

You might be right but I hope you are wrong.