Bielema, Long facing first crossroads of season Saturday

According to he writer of this article, one Andy Hodges. Don’t know how truthful the info is or who his sources are, but it’s worth a three minute read. … -saturday/

Not trying to nitpick here, but he said the foundation is sending emails to past ticket holders to buy tickets to aTm. Do we get the money from selling out Jerry’s World? I thought the same rules for Little Rock (in regards to the money) also went to Dallas. Is that incorrect?

As for the rest, interesting read.

I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve done nothing to authenticate Hodges’ work in this article.

I may be remembering incorrectly but didn’t Jerry originally “guarantee” each team $5 million for this game to be played in his new stadium? Then have to come off that deal because ticket sales were not holding up in some years. But still I don’t know for certain about anything in the article. Just found it while I was running my normal daily rounds of the various sites that publish info on the Razorbacks.

Seeker, I know you aren’t authenticating anything in the article and appreciate you posting it. I will say, however, there’s really nothing there that I haven’t seen posted on this board. Think most fans could have written it.

I agree with you SoArk