Best Defense Arkansas has played since Nolan Richardson was here tonight.

They’re ballin on D tonight…

Agreed, this is how we have to play D to make all the gears turn. CMA was right, we just didn’t show up at OSU. Burn the tape and get in their grill.

Wasn’t able to catch the OSU game, my older brother who I haven’t talked to or seen in 35 yrs passed away. The Sheriff’s office came by, because I was apparently the only next of kin left. Sad situation, he got involved in drugs at a young age and never really turned his life around. I tried to help him several times, put him in that drug treatment facility the mayor of DC went to, got him a good job, nothing ever worked. Unfortunate, he actually started using drugs out in Bayou Metro, Arkansas near Jacksonville many yrs ago, and he took that problem to South Carolina with us, and it just got much worse. Spent some time in prison for it. He wasn’t a bad dude, just once you get addicted to that crap, sometimes you never make it back.