Belk Thread

Hogs Defense is playing well to begin the game. That wind is just wicked.

First team to establish the running game will take the momentum.

Nice screen play to Whaley

Passing game looks good at the moment.

Gotta punch this in

Nice drive Hogs!!! WPS

Count it.

Looking great so far GHG

With our poor kick coverage, I don’t know why we don’t kick into the EZ with the wind at our backs.



$hitty call. Obvious FB move, & fumble.

Pulley!!! Future All-American baby!!

Bingo Baby!!! WPS!!!


Great call to go for the big play before the second quarter and that wind in our face.

Got to go to a wedding, of all things. Enjoy the game.

Enjoy that! Lol later Score.

Huge stop by the D.

O’Grady is a big target.