Being Analytic About Bielema


You can believe whomever you want. You post more pure garbage on this board then I do. In a couple of years you will be screaming as loud for Bielema to be fired as anyone. That is the way with homers, they change which ever way the wind blows. You type people just follow the crowd like sheep. I make my own careful assertions and live by them. If Bielema ever builds this program into an SEC championship contender like the last coach proved was possible. I will apologize on this board. I think that is about as likely as winning lotteries. I am more right about Alabama offensive schemes than you.

Goodness - as my late mom used to say.

Bielema fan?

Just because I am not totally negative doesn’t mean I am a fan.

I could care less who the coaches are. I have worked with plenty over 35 years and certainly - God willing - work with many more in the days ahead.

The only time I have had a personal conversation with the current football coach is when he called me after my brother and mother were instantly killed in the car accident with an 18-wheeler last December.

As for me putting words in your mouth - you typed these:

3. Stop running off scholarship skilled athletes for academic reasons. The SEC has academic requirements strict enough. Maintain those and forget the college educator act. You are a football coach.

I answered you with facts.

I am not totally negative either. That would be hoping the Hogs lose until Bielema is fired. I will be rooting for the Hogs this Saturday and every game thereafter. I just have lost faith in the way this coach operates this program.

“I make my own careful assertions and live by them”

But you don’t, you’ve been proven wrong a lot.

And you say you are more right(bad grammar) about Alabama then me. Ok, prove they run an no huddle hurry up offense.

I went back to see my first interaction with you in the other thread.

I don’t see where I addressed you.

Appears to me that I was responding to Bake.

But if you point it out and you are correct, I will apologize.

Even at a time when you criticize the actual board and the people running it while you are on it

Sorry about your family members.

I have been told by both you & Davenport that what you write is FACT. I also am on these boards constantly many besides this one conversing and lurking and therefore reading many posts. I remember reading different information about those player’s exits from this program than what you posted. I also have a relative that follows this program closely reading publications. He can go down those names just like you did. He just says differently in line with what I wrote about the reasons for some of those players exiting the program.

He says Bielema is a strong disciplinarian about things as attending team meeting right on schedule and constantly attending all college classes. A player chalks up many of these failures and Bielema kicks them off the team. I have also read this repeatedly on boards.

You put that in contrast. Saban keeps players caught in possession of stolen guns on his team. I don’t want Bielema to stoop down to that level. However from what I have heard & read, Bielema appears too strict as I wrote in that OP and that subsequently hurts the team.

I’m pretty sure that no matter what I say, your opinion isn’t going to change despite me having access to more info

So there is really no reason for us to continue with this particular discussion

You don’t even appear to closely watch football games. Are you always under the influence of a few brews?

Look at just a few early minutes in the Arkansas/Alabama link below. Alabama is NOT huddling. You are wrong still again.

We will agree to disagree.

The post by you I was referring to in my reply to Davenport is located at the bottom of the second page on the Topic: ‘Time To Head in Another Direction…’ thread. No need for apologies. I take this message board banter as a grain of salt. When I stop doing so, I will permanently exit them.

Let me get this straight. So for a few minutes they tried to go no huddle hurry up because Arkansas isn’t that good at defending it, but most of the rest of the game they pretty much didn’t, but they are a no huddle hurry up team all the time? Is that what you are suggesting?

I see a lot of Pro Style here.

1 and 2 are just generalities that every coach should seek to do. I should be a billionaire before I turn 50. Nothing very analytical about making that statement. If you were indeed being analytic about CBB, then you might want to actually provide solutions to how you would ensure that your assistants are stud recruiters and how you would go about developing depth on both lines. Otherwise you are just being Captain Obvious.

3 is just plain made up.

4 is probably something that I would agree that he needs to do. Saban, Patterson, and others have been pretty successful at embracing that style. Might be time for CBB to do the same since it isn’t just a passing fad.

You are seeing a Spread, it is termed a 'No Huddle Spread Read Option.

You previously stated, “When have you ever seen Alabama go no huddle, except maybe in a two minute offense? They run mostly a Pro Style offense, with added options for their mobile QB.”

That is all wrong. Alabama is running no huddle throughout all those games, shown on the Arkansas/Alabama game link & the Tennessee/Alabama game link. No two minute offense about it, no Pro style. Kiffin will run no huddle as long as the game is in any question of being won. I proved Alabama doesn’t huddle. You prove your false junk. Start watching a little football so you will not post such junk

The topic title is a play on the Bielema reality show title. I have seen worse ill named ones on this board. Do you critique them all?

I have never made up nothing I post on this board. I have one great source for #3 and a couple dozen hearsays as grounds to make that statement. . You wish to agree with Dudley. Just say so.

Do you even understand what Pro Style offense is? You got me that they get calls from the sideline, but they are not running a HUNH like you claimed.

It is HUNH in principal, anybody can see that with the no huddling. It is not termed Pro Style. You said Alabama huddles except in a two minute offense. You are dead wrong on both counts. I am close to exactly right on HUNH terminology and completely right on my initial statement that Saban was adapting to the world of HUNH which Bielema is not doing. You need to quit slinging garbage runaround responses. You should be use to being wrong as many times as you have been down that dusty old path.

So you’re saying that you made up something.

Captain, do you care to offer any more insight into how CBB could accomplish numbers 1 and 2? If not, I can make even better analytic suggestions. CBB should just go 14-0 and win the playoff next season. Boom! Now why don’t he and Long listen to me? I’m not critiquing your title; I’m just not sure that you thought your OP all the way through.

And can you name the players that CBB has ‘run off’ for academic reasons? I’m not agreeing with Dudley or anyone else; I just would like to see your work on this one.

Chief, you seem low on comprehension skills. A lot of what you are asking has already been well covered in this long thread or is simply self-explanatory in the earlier original statements you refer to. See if you can get those answers you so desire by reading the thread and thinking real hard. I have faith in you.

Yeah - you go man. You seem to know everything about running a college football team. Must be all those years of reading blogs, watching games, and playing Madden Football.

Four easy steps to keep your QB from eating dirt and avoiding 56-3 shellackings. Seems though beyond the mental grasp of our present head coach.