BB's SEC W/L record by team

Several times I’ve seen his overall record of 10-23 through the most recent A&M loss but have never seen a break down by team.

Alabama 0 - 4
Auburn 1 - 3
LSU 2 - 2
Ole Miss 3 - 1
Ms St 1 - 3
Mizzou 1 - 2
Tx A&M 0 - 5

Fla 1 - 1
Tn 1 - 0
SC 0 - 1
Ga 0 - 1

Looks like CBB needs to schedule Ole Miss every game.

Yep! Only notable success in four years +.


In Conference Play the HC is a Total Loser, and that translate’s into Million’s of Dollar’s Lost for Arkansas and the Athletic Program in Bowl Game’s, probably most importantly, the ability to Recruit Really Good Talented Player’s.

The HC has had his DAY IN THE SUN, so to speak. In fact he’s had so MANY UNCHECKED DAY’S IN THE SUN, THAT HIS GOOSE IS COOKED. If he had any Character, he would just quit, but he has no character and willing to bring down the Arkansas Football Program with him. Think about it, Who would Risk Hireing Him, and He Know’s That.

Tie him up and put him in a boxcar headed North, along with the Guy who Hired Him. Won’t have to do it but once and he’ll get the message and quit.

Go Hog’s Go.

At least coach BB kept half of his promise about Alabama:
“He said he did not come to the Hill to compete with Nick Saban,…”

BB would be an excellent coach for most Division II colleges. However, he is in over his head trying to coach an SEC team.

However, the major problem is not BB. The major problem is Jeff Long who not only hired him but, after 2 or 3 years of losing football games, increased BB’s salary by $1 million and, even more stupid, increased BB’s buyout by $11 million. We should fire Long for his stupidity and let the next AD decide what to do about the head football coach.

In addition to the raise and increased buyout money, one extremely important item you neglected to mention. Long also extended BB contract for six (6) years and with the buyout penalties basically amounts to an approximately $24 million guaranteed contract, win or lose. Thus, BB is without pressure of job performance what-so-ever. All this for a coach who went 2 - 14 in SEC games through his first second season.