BBall looks pretty good to me

I know the comp is really low, but they look pretty good to me. That big fella can knock down da trey constantly, and he makes a lot of blocks. It looks like Arkansas has some depth. There are 2 transfers that if everything stays on path, will play in the NBA successfully. I see a toughness from this team, a lot of maturity, for such a young group that hasn’t played together a lot.

I don’t see anyone they cannot play with, there are obviously teams that will win over them, but they can play with everyone, and best everyone.

They have a lot of talent on this team. And, that means shooting and quickness. They will have to play better defense (because MVSU is awful) than this, but I think Musselman can work with this talent and make sure they defend.

I agree! I have been coaching basketball since 1989, and IMHO, this is the most talented Arkansas team since 1994-1995. They’ll be able to compete for the SEC this yr. I agree they’ll need to shore up the D a lot, to actually have a chance at the SEC, and beat KY.

Everyone we play will also have to shore up the defense. We have a 7’3" guy who shot 80% 3s and a 6’9" player who also hit well out there. Basically everyone can shoot the 3. For a freshman, KK looked smooth and ready to go. Only one game, but I thought he was the best freshman last night. At least on offense. Moses wasn’t as hot on the 3s last night, but no problem. He hit a lot of free throws. I’m sure he’ll get everything in the groove. JD started slowly, but showed why he’s dangerous with a quick trigger. We have so many weapons. I hope we can keep the ball moving around the perimeter without it stagnating. That should come over time.

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