BB team needs

It appears to me that CMA needs to find a good big man for next year. A JC or graduate transfer with experience would really be helpful. I see a lot of teams are going abroad to find some really good big men, maybe CMA needs to take a vacation and bring one home with him. Any leads on a big man?

We’ve got three 4’s and 5’s already here and Daniel Gafford is basically a replaced for Moses Kingsley. Reggie Perry, 18 class, will effectively replace Thompson, though another big man for the 18 class would be nice. I don’t know if the kid Vanover(sp.) is interested or if we are interested in him, but having a 7’4 kid for the 18 class along with Perry and Henderson, would be nice.

I think if we can, we need another guard for this class.

is Gafford a true 5? what’s his weight?

General is there two of the Vanover boys? I knew there was a 7 footer in the state and wondered what had happened to him. I thought there were two of them.

Exactly what I said in my post to General Hogs “State of Razorback Basketball” on March 22.
With Trey Thompson’s increased role next season I worry about his inability to stay out of foul trouble, he picks up to many silly fouls 20 feet away from the basket and his conditioning will need improvement. If they could light a fire in him and he drop 15-20 pounds and actually get in shape he could be a huge asset to our chances next year. Otherwise, what can we really expect we will get from Daniel Gafford in his freshman season? He appears to have a huge upside, but he shouldn’t be expected to come in and play play 25 minutes a game immediately.

The coaches should be turning over every rock in search of some post help for next years squad or that may very well be a problem, the fact that we have Perry coming in 2018 does not help the prospects for the 2017 team, find one and get him to the Hill now!

True 5? Depends on your definition. For Mike Anderson and his style of coaching he is. He’s 6’10 220.

There are but the oldest is part of the 2018 class. I might be missing something but I’m don’t see or hear him being talked about.

There are 3 Vanover boys. One is in the band at Bama, the other is playing for Central Arkansas. Conner is not developing physically the way colleges would like and teams are backing away from him. From all reports, he is too awkward to play in CMA’s system. Maybe by the time he is a SR in college he will have grown into his body. He was offered but the understanding is now the offer is no longer commitable. This is a kid that is always brought up and has been talked about ad naseum on all the basketball boards on the different sites. If you haven’t seen him mentioned with us before, I’m not sure you have been paying attention.

I hope CMA recruits a mean, 6’ 10" / 240 lb guy covered in Tats.