BB Refs

Well, I see where one of the refs in the NC/KY game has received death threats over his calls in the game. It appears that NC must have had a lot of help in getting to the final four. The refs in the NC/Hogs game were terrible. It started from the opening whistle. Coach Cal would have been upset if had gotten the same kind of calls the Hogs got. I am glad Hog fans didn’t make any death threats to the refs that hosed the Hogs. It is hard to believe that the NCAA would put up with such blatant one-sided game calling but I guess they had to get one ACC team in the final four. What is your thoughts on the subject?

KY normally benefits from bad calls in the SEC, so what comes around goes around. Not overly concerned, but not surprised that their fans are insane about it either.

I’ve always had an issue with SEC refs because of the weeny calls they make. Yes, they are technically in the rule book, but seriously, our refs need to let our boys play through some adversity a little and stop influencing the game so much. While I agree, in the Ark/NC game there were some bad calls, it didn’t cost us the game. If anything, it changed how we would finish the game, but we missed our opportunities at the end as well.

What’s going on with Kentucky fans doesn’t surprise me. Not all are like that, in fact, most are not like that. But when it comes to percentage wise compared to other fanbases I’ve dealt with, there are by far more and worse when it comes to sportsmanship in basketball.

NC enjoyed good refs all the way to the championship. Hard to beat that.

I have to say that the refs played too big of a role throughout the NCAA Tournament this year and I certainly hope that the NCAA adopts the four 10 minute quarters and the team fouls reset at the end of each quarter that was used in the NIT tournament this post season as to not turn each half into a free throw shooting event.

As for UK ending up on the wrong side of the foul calls against UNC all I would ask their fans is this “How does it feel for a change?”. The whole of the SEC has to not only overcome a team with more talent, but officials as well. I can feel no sympathy for them whatsoever, get over it like the rest of us has to do when we play at Rupp or when you bring your traveling circus to our campuses led by your 7.7 million dollar 3 star Coach.

Overall, really bad officiating that tends to favor the blue bloods of NCAA basketball.
Not good for the game, they need to let the players play quite a bit more and only blow the whistle when a foul is obvious. Far to many whistles blown whenever a player drives to the basket in anticipation that a foul will occur and way to often a player gets a break away layup and the and 1 foul is called with zero or very little contact from the defender at all.
I would like to see the NCAA go to 6 personal fouls especially if the whistles continue to blow so freely as to not have so many games be decided by attrition.

Go Hogs!!