Basketball recruiting

If you haven’t already read the article on 2016 #5 PF/C Matthew Horton then I suggest you make sure you do and the look at his highlight film via google search.
This young man used to live in Eldorado and is very close with Daniel Gifford and according to the article he states that if he gets an offer for Arkansas they would go to the top of his list and would probably be an early signee.
This kid is a ligitimate 6’10 1/2 with a 7’4" wingspan and appears to be a tremendous rim protector with athleticism.
He wants to be a Razorback, Coach A needs to get the offer to him and solidify the front court rotation for 2018-2019.
He is currently a Sophomore at the JUCO level, so if his academics are squared away I hope we get the offer and secure his signing asap.

Go Hogs!

That maybe what CMA is waiting to make sure of.

I’ve heard of him, but is that #5 PF/C in JUCO or overall ranking in JUCO?