Baseball Team has Road Game Problems Also!!!

Looks like the Hog baseball team has some commonality with Hog FB and BB teams!!!
They find winning on the road difficult!!!

The basketball team’s road record over the last 3-4 years is 3rd or 4th best in league. I know announcers like to repeat it over and over but road woes are very common in college basketball and we actually do fine relative to our competition.

I expect our baseball team to be fine this year on the road. They are too talented and experienced to struggle a lot.

There are a lot of teams that would love to have big problems and be ranked 4th in the country.

They will not be ranked 4th after this loss. May stay in top 10.

the ranking next week, i’m sure will be based mostly on this weekend’s series vs. the #1 team in the country. win 2 of 3, im sure we stay put if not move up.

Like I said they will fall in the rankings. Left 12 men on base!!! That is not getting it done on the road. Hogs will be lucky to finish in top 5 in the SEC if they don’t get tougher mentally. A win today would have taken some of the sting off yesterday’s loss. Oh well!!!

Hogs currently have the 4th best overall record in the SEC West, even though tied for the lead. Preseason hognosticators, if you’ll remember, had this team winning 40 games. Based on performance so far, imho, I think 35 would be a more realistic goal, which would still be a good season. Might be good enough for a #2 seed in a regional close to Fayetteville.

Well then lets just cancel the rest of the regular season and pack our bags!

Major League teams hope to split road games. No one (except the CT ladies) expect to win a large number o froad games.

Hog baseball team not living up to preseason hype is about par for most Hog sports teams. Most people don’t see a problem here because they can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t think the baseball team is a top ten team the way they are playing. Several areas need improvement.

Not much of a baseball fan, but I wouldn’t write off the team, since the last two series have been lost on the road and against top 5 teams. If they were a bunch of nobodies, I could see your point, but their not nobodies.

I am not saying they are a bad team. It looks like they were over rated to start the season. They have lost to some good teams but they have also lost some games to not so good teams looking at their records. They are probably a top 20 team which is good but not near the top 5 team they were billed as.

Well they just got swept by the last place team in their division. I see signs to be concerned.

when they blew the 5 run lead, I also got concerned