Barron Peters

While realizing that we are all capable of mistakes and need to b own up to them, someone who is tech savvy open a petition to reinstate AP to Razorback Nation /KNWA. Everyone likes AP and he is very good at his job.

That was Aaron Peters!

That was not the first time that drinking has gotten AP into trouble (make that fired). It was stupid on his part, but I’d be willing to bet that he was on a short leash.

I get that many miss his smart mouth, but I don’t. I always thought that he tried too hard to be cute. That’s just me.

Aaron Peters can get in the imaginary line behind Coach Bobby Petrino. It ain’t happening though. I don’t think all think that we are ALL capable of making mistakes? The hollier than thous are hypocritical with the the basic principles of tolerance. Key words as you say; “when one owns up to them” and wish to atone. If Aaron Peter recovery is anywhere close to CBP’s, he will do the fine. Petrino is on national TV yet again, ranked #5, with most talking heads saying they should be on playoffs with the one loss if they win out, and to top it all off, making more money now. As with Razorback Nation /KNWA it is not clear who wins these type of knee jerk firings. I don’t know all the factors behind Aaron Peters, but on the outside it just come across as another firing on an otherwise good person that made mistake.

The point is, HA, that he has lost other local TV jobs for being drunk. His propensity was known. That is why I said that I expected he was on a short leash.

Aaron is a good friend and we have had several talks since his being let go.

But it ain’t happening with him getting his job back.

Just like with BP, people think it was about one instance.

It was not. It was a body of work.

He has accepted full responsibility and is moving on.

He was at last night’s basketball game as a fan

I was not aware of that. I don’t know him nor of his past only what I have read in few articles and you tube video. It reads like over reaction but the context / history suggest may have had some type of condition he violated.

See my response to Baumbastic Hawg; I concede I may have been wrong saying it was “knee jerk firing” in Aaron’s case. From the outside, that is the way it read even with you tube video. Similar goes for BP. To this day, my fellow non Arkansas Co workers / Sports fans still rag me as to why he was fired. We all believe he violated morality clause of his contract. I guess you could take the single affair incident and slice and dice it into multiple offenses.

Good people does not mean the lack of impaired judgement nor mistake free. There are always enablers. The recovery is often resolved by eradicating the enablers. If it was known in advance as concern, then I fault the employers for not resolving the same.

I don’t know Aaron from Adam (pun intended), but I wish your friend well. It is just my nature to support those that may otherwise be down with excess weight of public opinion placed upon them for transgressions. Regards HA

Get off the Petrino soap box you continually camp out on. Nobody cares how your Texas co-workers mourn him. Probably not Hog fans anyway just like you.

I saw this Aaron Peters many times on the NBC Little Rock affiliate. I enjoyed his Razorback sports reporting. That is all I ever knew about him. However drinking on the job will get one fired in most instances. He surely knew that.