Barford and Macon

glad to see both Barford and Macon return for sr. season for what could be our best squad in long time if the incoming freshman are as good as advertised. its way too early to make predictions, im just glad to be excited for what could be in the upcoming season. far to often in the last 2 decades, a sense of apathy was all i could muster for our once proud program. hopefully this team can build on last seasons success, along with what could be 2 remarkable freshman classes in a row.


So with these two returning is the 2017-18 roster full? Or is CMA looking for another JC transfer?

This is great news. It means we’re going to be good next year. How good will probably depend on how good the incoming freshmen prove to be, especially Gafford, I think.

Full, the PG transfer takes the last scholarship.

My wish would’ve been that they could’ve added another quality experienced big man at least 6’9-6’11 to split time with Trey in the paint because we don’t know what Gafford will be able to provide as a Freshman. If he can come in and play at the D1 level immediately then we should be fine, it not then we could have a problem.

another big guy would of been a nice luxury, but hopefully Thomas or Cook will make a leap before next season. Gafford might not be the highly skilled, refined big guy in the post but he is a tremendous athlete so he should at least make a difference on the glass and blocking shots. also with our big swing guys, Jones, Garland and Hall we could play a 4 guard lineup with one of them playing the 4 and hopefully not get slaughtered on the glass. MA likes those interchangeable players in the 6’5’’-6’8’’ range, because they fit the system nicely. im interested in the progression of Adrio Bailey, he showed flashes vs UNC. if he makes huge leap we could be in for really great season