Back in the tourney conversation!

Going to have to play a much more physical team on Wednesday night though. South Carolina means business, their coach means business, they’re playing in a very loud arena in Downtown Columbia. For Arkansas to pull the upset, they will have to play the best defense of their lives. But they stayed in the hunt for a tourney bid…

We did pull it out, but the same problems did show up in this game. We come out and the first 10 minutes of the game we are just flat. I love Barford’s game, only problem is he still hasn’t found a shot he doesn’t like. Moses has got to step up and be more of a force in the paint for a full 40 minutes. He is the straw that stirs the drink. Finally, we need someone from the 4 spot to take a step forward and become more consistent. And while I’m making my wishlist, Macon needs to be more selective with his 3s and Thompson needs to read a Deadpool comic and give “Maximum Effort” for the full 12 minutes he’s on the court. We can still make the tourney, we just have zero margin for error.

Good to win…after all, we did beat a 1-11 team. Of course, we had lost to a 0-10 team. Yes, I believe we deserve to be among the best 68 teams in the country!

We really weren’t out of the conversation. We just have little to no room for error right now.

still we got to learn how to put 2 halves together, like the Alabama game. Barford seems to keep us in the game when no one else is scoring, he plays well in our bad half and everyone else does in the good half. if we can hit some shots early at SC, we got a good shot. i bet we make NCAA’s given we dont have anymore screw ups. i think we steal one from SC or FL because we have one of those games where everything falls. the game that spooks me is at Auburn because they can score on anyone, however they wont be playing for much by then. last night our zone in the second half really gave them trouble, with our long athletes, if we could hone that defense, it could be a game changer.

Yeah, watching AUB last night, I was thinking wow, we are in trouble. Then they self destructed. I hope they’re down.

hogs struggle most with the teams that have a strong, pass first pg like OK state and Florida because of the drive and dish element. when we play a team constructed like ours we can usually turn them over some and outscore them. thats why i give us puncher’s chance vs SC because no true pg. if we can harrass Thornwell when he has to handle ball, we might be able to tire him out and control his scoring. the guy from SC who scares me is Notice, as he runs hot and cold from 3 and if he is hot we have little to no shot because they will destroy us on boards.

We would have been with a loss, and we’re still a bubble team. Barely hanging on last 4 in from what I have read.

That was an update by Lunardi on Friday and Palm on Sat (just prior to our game). Lunardi has 16 teams listed on the bubble as of Friday. We were listed as last four in, but out of those 16 teams, only 6 won. We were the highest rated on Lunardi’s board that won. So we are safely in. Palm only lists 8, only 3 won (maybe 4, but I don’t know Wich St’s results from yesterday). AR was the 2nd highest team on his bracket that won. But you also have to look at the committee predictions yesterday as well. FL was #11 overall, KY was #12 overall. The bracketologists haven’t been giving the SEC that much credit. Also, something during the reveal that many missed was the committee guy, when asked about teams that were comparable, but just out mentioned SCe. That means the committee is holding the SEC in higher regards than the pundits, don’t put too much into what’s being said right now.

Update: Both (Lunardi and Palm) released a Bracketology this morning. Both have jumped teams that were below AR to ahead of them. Some of the teams ahead of them lost and stayed ahead of them, so I guess a road win at LSU was a bad thing.

the hogs simply lack a big win that stands out, yes we won at TN and Vandy but neither of them helped us by losing to inferior squads over wkend. if we had beat FL at home earlier in yr we’d b solidly in, even with one more loss. we need to win one of the big road games left or we’ll have to pull off an upset in the SEC tourney. odds are we’ll b the 4 or 5 seed. 4 gives us a double bye and much needed rest, but the 5 seed gives us opportunity for 2 more much needed wins or 1 bad loss as 5 seed will get MO or LSU in first round and someone like Auburn or Ole Miss in 2nd. not sure beating any of them helps us much but a loss could cripple us. here’s hoping we bow up and play best game of year on Wednesday.

sometimes the grass isnt greener, its just grass

The 5 seed gets a bye. The 5 seed plays the winner of the 12 vs 13 matchup. Which right now is Auburn vs Missouri. Their second game would be against the 4 seed. Right now, that would be us or Bama.

The 5 seed gets a bye. The 5 seed plays the winner of the 12 vs 13 matchup. Which right now is Auburn vs Missouri. Their second game would be against the 4 seed. Right now, that would be us or Bama.

thanks for the info on the SEC tourney Baked, i wasnt sure which seeds got a single bye. i like Bama as a second opponent in the tourney as we match most favorably against them. i’d still rather get 4 seed so our second game would be against one of the big dogs FL or KY.

It’s hard to predict what the NCAA selection committee will do, I’ve been following this thing for over 30 yrs, and good teams get left out every yr. Arkansas is going to have to pull a big upset on the road, or make a run in the SEC TOURNEY to earn their way in.

If Arkansas keeps winning they could be a 9, 8, 7, or even a 6. Lose and they fall back to a 11or 12. My guess is, they’re probably seeded as an 8 right now… FL prob a 3, KY prob a 3, Ark prob an 8, SC prob a 7…Tenn because of their SOS could get in they go on a run, Alabama has an outside shot.

If Arkansas can win against quality teams at Home, GA has one of the best Guards I’ve ever seen off of the dribble. That cat is lightning quick, honestly, he’s a double digit NBA guy right now, have no clue why he came back. A&M is for real now, don’t let their record fool you, they can dish it probably as good as anyone to their big men, who also block a ton of shots. It will be a tough fight tonight, especially against a team that hates Arkansas already…

South Carolina better start winning or not only do they fall but our quality win against them means nothing good.
The only our hogs can do is win. Those 3 horrible losses are not going away! They are there haunting us. If those 3 games were in the win column we would be a solid 6 or 7 seed right and ranked in the top 25 maybe. We win these next 4 and one game in the SEC tournament that’s what needs to happen. Just no more bad losses.