Baby Bielema is on the way!!!

Jen just tweeted she is pregnant! Congrats to coach and his wife. anyone remember the last time we had a head coach have a baby here while they were the head coach?

Were you born with the name Marty? Or is it short for Martin?

It is actually short for Martha, which is definitely not me. It’s not a bad name, it’s just not me. :slight_smile:
My mother did say that she wished they had just named me Marty.

My name is Marty. That’s why I ask. Lol

Congrats to CBB and Jen.
Will the whole football team be RSVP’d for the baby shower?

Congrats to Bret and Jen.

This is so awesome

The Miracle of Life. God Bless You!

Marty my wife is Martha too. Today, however, she goes by a more important name… Gramma…

That is a great name, and one that I’ll never have.