Why do I seem to be the only one here using an avatar? You all need to get with the program.

No one has told us how to do it. This is the Lounge, afterall. :?

Can’t seem to find one small enough to be accepted.

Just resize the photo. Save it to your computer and right click and edit.

I think I got one that will work.
Still playing tho

My JPGs were all too large, even when I reduced the quality as far as it would go. I used a GIF that I had already created. I will try creating some GIFs from the JPGs to see if that works. The dimension part is easy.

Here you go WSOP

Click on your username up at the top. A drop down will tell you to go to control panel.

In the control panel click the tab labeled “profile”

Within profile you will see “edit avatar”. This takes you to the spot for adding an avatar. It’s much like the old Scout board.

It is somewhat different. The Scout board permitted 100 x 100 pixels. This board only allows 90 x 90 and 6mg or less. You will need to edit and resize the avatar to make it compatible with this board.