Austin Reaves

Seems the Arkansas coaching staff are not the only ones late to the party on Austin. Based on some information Taylor Swift has just now determined that he has sufficient game to garner her interest!

Mercy. I hope he manages to avoid being fodder for her next song. I only saw Austin play once in high school. I may not be the greatest judge of talent the basketball world has ever seen, but I knew then, that this kid was big time. Everyone in the Bank OZK arena knew it. I think even Stevie Wonder would have known it if he had been there.

I wonder why after all these years some keep insisting that Arkansas staff missed on him. Have you not read enough about this on this forum to understand why arkansas could not sign him?

Why could they not sign him?

I am assuming you have not read any of several threads on this topic including the one after the playoffs started. He had not qualified academically to enroll at UA. Wichita State took a chance on him and he later qualified.

Sorry to have opened this can of worms, just trying and failing to be funny upon learning about Taylor Swift and Austin. The board is becoming a mine field with enough short tempers and not enough tolerance; not to mention the interjection of social commentary, even when subtly attempted. Surely we can do better

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Back then Austin serenaded former Shocker coach Greg Marshall. He did not however, serenade him with a Taylor Swift song. Instead he chose Abba’s Take a Chance On Me. Marshall did, and the rest is history.

I couldn’t agree more with the mine field analogy, this use to be fun to read and post your thoughts on not so much anymore. Didn’t come to this forum to be harassed, seems to be the way things are these days. WPS

I didn’t know he couldn’t qualify academically. I have my doubts.

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