Auburn's AD has resigned effective

when his replacement is hired or 6-1-18. Which ever comes first.

Saw a tweet by Dudley that indicated Jeff Long is a candidate to replace him.

One never knows for sure, but I suspect Jeff’s agent has does this before to get his client and himself a raise.

Could have happened a few years ago when the AD position opened at Texas. Jeff got himself a nice raise because he was indeed listed in the news as being a leading candidate. There were some in Texas who denied he was interviewed or even considered for the job. If memory serves me; however, Dudley believes he did interview. Though, my memory is not what it once was. … signation/

No way Long goes to that cesspool of cheat.

Long was linked to the Nebraska job a few weeks back as well. I’m not sure Long will leave for an AD job, unless it’s Michigan, tOSU, USCw, or Bama. Other than that, I think he stays until he has a chance to become a commissioner. JMO

Edit: Forgot Notre Lame

Notre Dame doesn’t pay well, it’s all prestige and little salary.
Their Head Coach makes around 1 million per year and no buyout clause.

If he decides to leave for greener $$ pastures then so be it, I certainly would not want our University to give him another pay raise just to make sure he stays.
As a matter of fact, if he were to go to Auburn he could take Brett with him in exchange for Gus.

Dawg, our opinions, yours and mine, of Long are different.

I could go for that!!

Maybe, Do you honestly believe Long would go to Aubufn where cheating is in their DNA? I don’t see it happening. Long will leave for a commissioner job before he leaves for another AD job. However if he leaves for a AD job it will be for a school that doesn’t have a rep for cheating.

I’ll disagree, look at my AD destinations above. USCw, tOSU are know to cheat, but I do agree I think Commissioner is at the top of his list

Yes, I think he would.

Auburn may be This and may be That, I’m not saying one way or the other, but one thing’s for sure they know how to compete in the SEC, and Right Now Arkansas doesn’t and hasn’t in Quiet Some Time.

No Way Auburn will take a Loser, cause they know he doesn’t know how to Pick Winner’s, and that’s what it take’s to compete in the SEC.

In fact none of the Strong Boy’s would even consider him on their Team in the SEC.

When are you Guy’s going to Stop Being Part of The Driven Herd. Change Your Attitude to, “Do Whatever It Take’s Within The Guideline’s”? . That’s what it take’s in the SEC, cause it is Dog Eat Dog.

By all means support a win at all cost program. If OM style cheating comes to Arkansas I will leave it to you. I will have nothing to do with the program again.

I’m absolutely sure that I’m expressing no original thought here, but - - after five years - - I’m completely unimpressed and underwhelmed with both Long and Bielema. I would VERY much like to see a wholesale change in our AD AND coaching situation. Enough is enough. Bite the bullet and make it happen, - - - or watch “fan apathy” go to Hades in a hand-basket.


You got me all wrong. I’m not saying Cheat. I am saying, “Do Whatever It Take’s Within The Guidline’s”. All the Competitive FootBall Program’s in the SEC Do Just That. That’s what it take’s to be competitive in the SEC, and I would venture out on a Long Limb, that’s what all College FootBall PowerHouse’s Do, to one extent or another. It’s sort of like the fine line, between Genius and Insanity. One person would say that it is Cheating while another might say, They are doing what it take’s to WIN.

Don’t Kid Yourself, I’m sure in the Past when the Razorback’s were Competitive, that they did some thing’s that were on the socalled “Fine Line”.

I’m not Putting You or Anybody Down, just saying that the Competition is So Fierce, and The Money is so Big Now, that it has to be Jump in the Water and Swim or Stay on the Shore and Watch the Swimmer’s. It’s Really Fierce Competition Now and the School’s are Competing to get the Big Bowl Money’s.

I want the Razorback’s to get back in the Competition and Start Getting some of that Big Bowl Money Once Again.

I want to hear them Call The Hog’s again at The Big Bowl Game’s , like they used to when they Played Texas in the Cotton Bowl. I grew up in Arkansas on a Cotton Farm. :slight_smile: