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So the game is on AT&T Sportsnet. I have Directv, is this available to me on TV or is this some sort of streaming service?

It’'s a regular channel.

674 on DirecTV

Game will be streamed on…
showing Baylor and Mizzou now.

As noted, go to that site. There is a link to the live game on the right hand side of the page, just a few lines down. If you have an Amazon firestick, you can use their browser (Silk) to view on your TV. Unfortunately, Roku doesn’t offer any sort of internet browser.

I just got home from the doctor. Who won the Baylor vs Missouri game

Baylor 4-2 I think.

Yes Baylor won 4-2

Thank you!

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I have a Roku for streaming, but I was able to watch the game last night on the regular YouTube app (not YouTube TV). Just added that app to my “channels”. All of the Classic games are being streamed through YouTube. Just search for “Shriner’s College Classic”.

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