Ashdown's Bishop

What happened with Bishop? Did the Hogs get out recruited or did they back off some on him?

He apparently would not commit and with low numbers in this class, the Hogs already had 3 DB’s. No room in the inn.

Which I find weird.; you cannot coach speed and Bishop apparently has run sub 4.4 40’s. One has to wonder if the other commitments were higher than Bishop.

Does anyone wonder why Bielema seems reluctant to offer Arkansas kids? Bishop had every opportunity to commit but apparently never really wanted to and his cuz is having trouble qualifying! Some will blame Bielema but he can’t give these kids heart or wisdom.

We live in a different world where mobility is so much easier. It used to be Arkansas kids wanted to be Razorbacks, but so many are transplanted from other states or they can turn on the TV and see practically any team they want any time they want. I’ve read where Bishop was waiting on an LSU offer, whether that’s true or not only he and his family know. Some live in Arkansas but aren’t Razorbacks, and that’s fine. I’m glad some in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Minnesota and other places are Razorbacks. I wish Bishop well.

Bielema has said publically that he would like to sign every talented athlete in the state. The problem comes down to academics. The UofA and the SEC has high standards and he would rather allow borderline qualifiers to go elsewhere than offer them only to have to pull the offer late when they might have few options.

As a senior in HS I had academic scholarship offers to every instate school but I really wanted to go out of state. Now if I had a football scholarship to the UofA I would have signed there no question but that is just not the case with some athletes…some just want to get out of the state.

Bottom line the young man is not a hog! Good luck and hope he gets serious about academics. You can offer all the kids in any sport that isn’t qualified and when it comes down to it JUCO is their best option! Man up and be accountable for and too the whole person concept.
Stars and spoiling athletes is what our society has come too! Work as hard in the classroom as in the weight room and football field and then these young men would be fine. Or is there a possibility young athletes are given grades that they do not earn! The ACT can be taken early in high school and there’s no excuse for not doing all the work necessary to be qualified to play D-1 or to get an education!