As much as I wish it wasn't so

Arkansas is outclassed by Kentucky. The have superior athletes and much better shooters.

We have tired legs and they have more horses and everyone involved from the announcers to the refs are pulling for Kentucky

If Dusty hit some of those 3’s the game could have turned in our favor. I’m glad he kept shooting and hopefully those will fall in the tournament.

If Kentucky wasn’t able to guard him so close, no doubt he would have made more threes. Kentucky seemed to make a lot of 3s. Regardless, when we play well, Arkansas can beat Kentucky when they are having an off day

Yes, Dusty and the Hogs sot just 22% from the 3 point line and we will never beat a the UK’s of college basketball shooting it that horribly.
Having that knowledge, I was so ticked off yesterday when up by 27 against Vanderbilt with 9 minutes and change left in the 2nd half Coach A started sitting the players that got that lead only to have to bring them back in a few minutes later as we allowed Vandy to cut that lead in half. We should have just kept them in for a few more minutes and been able to maintain or build on that 27 point lead and take them out for good with 2-3 minutes to play.
I totally understand Coach was thinking the cushion was big enough to give them rest, but with 9 plus minutes left to play no team sits players thinking they have the game in the bag. You could see them on the bench laughing it up probably believing there da was done, but it didn’t work that way.

Don’t get me confused with a CMA hater, I’m not. However, this should’ve been avoided yesterday.

I’m proud of where this team has climbed and fought to get to this season and hope they can win at least a couple of games in the NCAA Tourney, but that all depends upon our seed and who we get matched up with.

Go Hogs!

I thought the same thing at first but watched it again this morning and it looked like the normal rotation(if we really have one) excspt Bailey was out there for 2-4 mins!

Is anyone surprised by the talent gap between our 4 spots and everyone else’s that seems to be our weakest link

Yes. Two years in a row, not a lot out of the 4 spot, but a little better this year than last. Our guards can play with anyone, but our front line sometimes hurts us. Even Kingsley is off and on. He gets too emotional, sometimes tries to do too much, and it hurts us - not to mention I’m sure he leads the team in technicals by a lot.

Kingsley should never ever ever ever ever…handle the basketball. Not even to bring it inbounds.

I know. When he puts his head down and starts driving from the top of the key, bad things often happen. Today, for instance, it ended in a turnover, then a technical when he argued.