Arkansas was much improved

Except for special teams and penalties, Arkansas outplayed Auburn. However, if Arkansas is going to win any games they must correct special teams errors and greatly reduce the obscene number of penalties.

I’ve got a crazy idea…maybe we should try to score a touchdown…you think that could help us ???

I agree 100%, best football this team has played this season as far as I’m concerned. We have a vast amount of room for improvement no doubt, I really thought Auburn would toy with us but that was not the case even though you wouldn’t know it by looking at the scoreboard. First time we could walk off the field knowing that hard work and effort pays dividends. Now the question is can we build off our performance and rise up as we move forward. Many will see this as just another loss but some will see this as possibly the game where the Hogs grew some and inched forward while gaining some much needed confidence. WPS

for this long-time Razor-backer, it was a much needed MORALE victory. After seeing our offense and defense go toe-to-toe with War Eagle, I am heartened. I think there is hope, especially if our special teams unit gets its act together.

That is what I thought too because I expected Auburn to score as many points as they desired. Therefore, although I realize teams don’t get high and play their best when they are 30 point favorites, I am encouraged that, except for special teams, we were competitive against Auburn.

Agreed that the Defense was improved. Offensive line play was still terrible. And with all due respect, there are no such things as morale victories. A loss, by any other name is still a loss.