Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt

I believe this should be a win, but we can’t let Vandy have open looks from 3. Vandy the last few games has actually opened up their offense a lot more and have been scoring in the 80’s consistently. They run a strict motion offense. Their defense sucks, yes, even worse than Arkansas’, and they turn the ball over a lot. They are killer at the free throw line as a team.

For Arkansas on offense, we need to feed the big men this game. They’ve got 2 big men Gafford’s size, but they aren’t athletic enough to stop him. They love to double down when the ball goes inside so we need our guards to cut to basket when this happens for easy layups. This will open up the game for Gafford and Thompson. We also need to be aggressive. Attack the basket and get to the line. Vandy will foul quite a bit, so getting some of their main guys, especially big men, in foul trouble will be key.

On defense, stay in the passing lanes. We don’t need to do anything fancy to turn Vandy over, they’ll screw up on their own, but we must take away the passing lanes when they screen and force them to go at our defense 1 on 1. Of course, guard the 3. We’ve got to keep them off the line. If it gets into a free throw contest, I don’t like our chances.

Vandy is always a team that worries me. They love the three ball. We always have issues defending the three ball.

The next two games are extremely important for the Hogs to pick up wins at home with Vanderbilt and on the road at Ole Miss for trying to secure at at large bid in the NCAA Tournament. They should be able to win both games if they play up to their ability, but if they slip up on the road against Ole Miss then their path will get much more difficult because of who they play in their final five games.
They will return home to take on a Texas A&M team that has gotten healthy, gotten players back from suspensions and seemingly gotten back on track that just beat Auburn on the road and could be coming into BWA on a roll if they beat UK this weekend at home.
We have both UK and Auburn at which is a plus but I can’t see us doing any better than a split in those two games.
That leaves us with road games at Alabama and Missouri which are both in a similar position as we are and won’t be easy to go into their home court and win with so much on the line, we could split these two road games, but the way we’ve played this season we could win or lose both.
That’s why winning these next two games that we should win over inferior teams are must win games for our post season hopes.
I sorry, but I just don’t believe the Tournament committee will actually pick an at large SEC team with less than a .500 conference record in the field when all is said and done.

Go Hogs!

Few things here. I agree about Vandy and Ole Miss being “should” be wins. As for aTm, rewatch that game, the officials completely ignored two hand shoves form their two golden boys in the middle. When that happens at their place, there is usually a make up game at ours. I think it’ll be much like the Minny game, their bigs will spend the majority of the game on the bench in foul trouble. Now, as for KY and AUB. We will be up for KY, we are always up for KY, and they seem to be in a little funk right now. I don’t think they’ll be up for us. AUB, and I said this last week, a few things will be in our favor. They’ll have clinched the SEC the game before. It’ll be our SR day, and the “beatdown” at AUB wasn’t quite as bad as many of you think. Macon scored 11, and CJ had an Ofor. If you just add their avg points we would have beat AUB. I think we win both those games, I don’t think either KY or AUB will be as up for us as we are for them. Now, I said I can see us finishing 6-2 but like our chances at Missery to finish 7-1 (I said this before the USCe game). The one loss is @Bama for the reasons you have. I’m not sold on Missery, I think the next five games will go a long way between how up or down they are. Or how up or down we are


I wish I shared your optimism about this team finishing 6-2 or 7-1, but I don’t.
Every team except for the next two have a tremendous amount to play for the rest of the season - Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas A&M have to win more than lose to secure their spot in the NCAA Tournament while Auburn will be playing to secure a 1-2 seed, they will be motivated. UK, while not as good as they have been will have no issue being up for our game as well because they are playing every game to salvage their seeding.
Texas A&M is a better team now than when we played them because they have all of their key players back from injuries and suspensions.
When I look at these remaining games I can see where some would say that all are winnable, but with this teams roller coaster performances this season one could also see where they could lose 5-6 of them just as easily.
At this time our average seed is 11, with one bracket placing us at 10 and one other at 12 and being in the play-in game at Dayton.
So, anyone that thinks that we will be in if we dip below .500 in conference I believe will be disappointed, but hopefully we don’t drop that far.
First things first, they had better get these next two because if they drop either one of these it’s going to get very dicey and place a ton of pressure on them going into the final five games.

Go Hogs!

Not arguing, but aTm was at full strength when we played them. They weren’t missing anyone. As for dipping below 500, every “expert” in America is saying 8-10 will get us in. I think 11-7, or 10-8 is what we will finish. Now if we do lose as many games as some on here think we will lose, then you’ll be correct.

Hmmmm…Porter, JR thinks he is going to return this year. Interesting

The numbers suggest the Hogs simply cannot afford a loss at home against Vandy. Most of the RPI projections would drop the Hogs into the 50s with a loss at home.

I see this game being close at half as Vandy runs their offense and the Hogs chase. The 2nd half will be different … the Hogs legs will grind down Vandy and hear the end the Hogs pull away. Vandy CAN win this game if the Hogs get lazy or spooked after falling behind during one or two of the likely Vandy 3-point barrages. Seems everyone comes into Walton and shoots well and I don’t expect Vandy to be different. The difference is in athleticism down the stretch and this is Arkansas’ strength. Just get to the 10 minute mark in the 2nd half even or better and its a Hogs win.

As the General suggested, we need to see Gafford with the ball. This should be a game - first half at least - where the guards pound the ball to Gafford inside. Second half will likely be the usual with Macon and Barford firing on all cylinders (unless the Hogs are up plus 10). Would love to see Gafford get his touches early and often.

One game at a time and this one cannot get away from the Hogs.

Baked -

Reading some entertaining stories on the Porter situation at Missouri. If it was true that he was practicing outside the lifelines of the team, that’s not good news for him nor his dad (an assistant coach). If I’m the HC, I’m first wondering why he’d be doing that before the school gave him clearance. It would suggest that the Porter family wants to showcase him before the end of this season for the upcoming draft. Several draft projections put Porter in the top ten. The only thing perhaps that drops him lower is if teams aren’t sure he gets back to full speed (given a back injury). If he’s not a lottery pick, my guess is he stays at Missouri. So- he suits up with the intent of getting on the court in time to show the NBA that he’s ready.

My understanding is that the team wasn’t ready to clear him but here he is out practicing away from the team. Would love to have heard the conversation between the HC and Coach Porter.

Ahhhh… the drama … :slight_smile:

Martin ain’t complaining. If Porter shows up for the “stretch run” they’re (Missery) gonna be very, very happy. I personally think it may backfire by killing the chemistry they’ve been starting to show.

Too many question marks to predict the outcome. Home court should give the Hogs the edge to win, but who knows.

I am afraid the weather threat is going to significantly dampen the crowd size for tonight’s game. I just hope that those that do brave the elements make a lot of noise and perhaps a bigger student turnout might occur.

Sloppy as usual

A 9-15 team on the road, hanging with our sloppiness…pathetic

What a way to end the half. Macon someone that can score passes to the baseline to Thomas. Sorry wasted possession.

What sorry wasted comments were the three above!

Good to get the home win as we should’ve tonight against Vanderbilt, now we’ll see if this team can go on the road and beat an inferior Ole Miss team which I believe they definitely need to do prior to starting the final five game gauntlet which could define their post season fate.
I’ll be in BWA next Saturday afternoon for the rematch with Texas A&M and the General has guaranteed me a win so I’m looking forward to calling the Hogs in person for the victory.

Go Hogs!

Mike they aren’t wasted. That’s the way the hogs open games and that’s what gets them beat. Especially on the road. It sure didn’t work in either LSU game! Did it?

It’s not that criticism isn’t valid, it is just the highly negative tone of the comments is unnecessary.

Rocky start but excellent finish.

Last 30 minutes of the game our boys played an excellent game on both ends.

Macon/Barford did their thing. Gafford got into a groove. Other players stepped up when needed.

Only reason Vandy was in this game was because they had a +14 FT made advantage, which is what I was afraid of, but our offense was just too good for them.

Where is oinkbait? I guess I’ll have to wait till we lose again to see him.

i’m pleased with some of the new lineup combo’s that MA is trying out, seem to be injecting some energy on the defensive end. still our defense isnt sound, but its better with #22 playing more for Cook and Thomas. also i, like when he plays Barford or Macon along with Hall and Jones. Jones hasnt been knocking down any 3’s, but he has been drilling the pull up jumper. with 6 games to play i would be more than pleased with a 4-2 finish. obviously the game in Oxford seems to be the most likely road W, but the rebels also scare me the most of the road teams. they’re that freaky team with quality offensive talent that if they get hot can win going away. Alabama is more of a squad that overwhelms you with defensive pressure, with their length and athlericism. i’m lucky enough to have tickets to the A&M game so hoping for a great showing. so here’s to the hogs finishing 4-2 down stretch and winning 2 or 3 in SEC tourney and eeking out a 7 seed in NCAA. i’m not picky, as i just want in the tourney but i’m dreading an 8-9 seed and a 2nd round matchup with Villanova or Sparty in Detroit. i’d rather fall to a 10 seed.