Arkansas vs. LSU

LSU runs two PG’s at the same time to start their games. It’s simple, stop Waters and Mays and you stop LSU.

Defensively, we’ve got to close down the driving lanes and avoid unnecessary traps at the top of the key. Also, keep them off the line(that’s mostly Waters and Mays). They are a good FT shooting team, so again, taking the driving lanes away from those two should help this effort.

Offensively, put the hammer down. LSU has shortened their bench because of injuries, so if we want to play the fastest 40, this is the game to do it. Wear them out. Also, drive and get down low. LSU usually doesn’t get into a lot of foul trouble, but if we can get Reath or Epps in major foul trouble early, then LSU will be hurting big time.

This is a game my gut tells me we will win, so I’ll just stick to my gut. I’d like to see Jones go off in this game because LSU’s defense is going to give him his shots. We need him and Gafford in a big way to help Macon and Barford.

we’ve shown no evidence this year that we can stop a quality point guard from doing what they do best, so if we cant stop them we’ve got to stop everyone else. between Waters and Mays i would be ok with them combining for 50, heck, maybe even 60 as long as rest of team is shut down. we’ve shown in the last 2 road games that we can score on road, especially in the GA game and in spurts vs. A&M, so i could see us getting to 80 or even 90 as LSU isnt a defensive juggernaut.

i echo your sentiment in regards to Jones, we’ve got to have 3-4 guys scoring in double figures to be at our best. in the past Gafford has shown that ability, but lately he has struggled mightily. however, lately Hall has shown he is capable of getting 10-15pts a game. if we could ever get all 5 of them scoring at same time we’d be tough.

I don’t believe anyone on this site can accurately predict what type of team will show up to play for the Razorbacks at LSU today.
I’ll certainly be watching and hoping they come out with energy and win this game, but I would be lying if I’m not a bit skeptical based on how there true road record this season.
What I would like to see is Coach Anderson actually start his best five players and then substitute when necessary like most teams in the country do.
It’s not as if we have the luxury on this roster to maintain offensive efficiency when at times we only have two options on the floor that can be counted on to score.

Starting lineup should be from this point forward:
PG Barford
SG Macon
C Gafford
PF Thompson
SF Hall

Bench guards: Jones, Beard
Bench forwards: Cook, Thomas and Bailey

What channel on Directv. 611 says LSU vs TENN

Yeah, I’d use that as extra motivation, but it is LSU vs. Arkansas.

Oklahoma State beating Kansas will help our RPI tomorrow if we win today.

Well when you fail to value possessions and score when you have the ball you let teams hang around. Then when you have Cook taking mid range jumps agiain and missing you might as well throw the ball in the stands. Poor play at best. Giving up wide open 3’s. Sorry defense.

Hurry up Cook take 10 shots in the first half. Maybe getting blocked with 3 defenders on him should let him realize someone is open.

We either need to keep attacking the rim or Anderson needs to put in shooters on the outside to spread them out. We are getting enough stops, we just can’t convert on anything.

Get Thompson and Thomas out of the game. I’d rather have a small lineup because Thompson rotating on their PG’s is killing us.

Shooters need to take the shots.

Is any of this really surprising to you people? Looks like business as usual to me.

Beard is so freaking awful!!!

Then go away oinkbait

Finally, attacking the rim. Keep pushing it down low.

I think if we can get within five at HT, we can win

Shooting 38% from the field and 0-3 from 3. Have to think we will warm up in the 2nd half

Like your starting line up, especially to play zone D. WPS

Bad travel call and an illegal screen adds up to 5 point swing

Once again giving a team a lead. For 17 minutes of the first half our leading scorers took 2 shots. Stupid.
Sorry. Plain and simple the hogs just don’t get it ! LSU made wide open 3’s. We have players taking shots that don’t need to touch the ball 10 feet from the basket and they have took the majority of the shots. A good way to get beat!

Could have been worse.

LSU is a terrible 3 point shooting team, but once again, even when we have a hand in their face, their knocking them down left and right. 8 three pointers for LSU and 1 for Arkansas. We’re doing it right now with attacking the basket. If Wreath is gone, then Thompson and Gafford BETTER get after it. Cook and Thomas better attack the glass too. LSU’s bench just got shorter and we did push it most of the game. WEAR THEM OUT!!! We can do this.

Gotta go to a birthday party, so I’ll comment later tonight.

BTW, Gafford has to find a better move than spinning towards the rim. He keeps pinning himself behind the backboard and making the defenders job easier.

If he can pump fake or spin around the dotted line for a little hook shot, he’d be better off.